It’s in the details – my 1 year anniversary

This past weekend Karina and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary. We decided we would stay in the centre of town for the weekend as the World Cup Draw was taking place as well as we are seriously considering moving to the CBD / Seapoint area for a 1 year stint or so. Life is all about experiences and adventures, and moving to town would definitely be one!

So apart from the buzz and excitement we experienced in Long Street during the 2010 World Cup Draw, we booked ourselves into the Protea Hotel Victoria Junction, just around the corner from the V&A Waterfront. I’ve stayed at a number of hotels, but I’ve never had the feeling like I was family at a hotel! Somehow, they got wind of it being my anniversary (how, I don’t know) and proceeded to decorate our loft bedroom with candles, rose petals, Lindt chocolates and balloons.

If that was not enough, they printed pics of the 2 of us (found on my Flickr photostream I guess), and put them in the room, read my blog to find out I am a massive Ferrari fan and bought me a small replica Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa with a magazine, and bought my wife a Cosmopolitan mag. Along with that, there was a bottle of champagne and a strawberries and chocolate platter that had Happy Anniversary written in chocolate on it.

The handwritten card they left for us said the following:

Dear Jason and Karina

Welcome to the Protea Hotel Victoria Junction! We are honoured to have you with us!

We’ll try steer clear of any weird vegetables and keep them as far away from you as possible! Apart from that we hope you have a fabulous time with us!

Regards Pieter and Team VJ

P.S. Chelsea vs Manchester City, Sat 19:30, Supersport 3. Biltong and beer from room service!

For those that know us, I’m not a big vegetable eater and we are both massive Chelsea fans – they really found out as much as they could about us and personalised the entire experience.

Dinner at their Moulin Rouge restaurant on the Saturday evening was just as special. We had a complimentary bottle of wine (which we swapped for our favourite JC le Roux Rose champagne), and another amazing chocolate mouse dessert platter (also with “Happy Anniversary” written on it) sent to our room after our meal – the soccer was about to start, and didn’t want to miss it!

So, what was going to be an ordinary hotel experience, turned out to be extraordinary! I’ve never had much of an affiliation with any hotel chain, but I’ll definitely be looking out for the nearest Protea Hotel if and when I need a place to stay.

So a big thanks to Protea Hotels and all the staff at the Victoria Junction. I’ll definitely be back soon!






The view from our hotel room at the Protea Hotel, Victoria Junction
The view from our hotel room at the Protea Hotel, Victoria Junction

As always, a small disclaimer: I won the 2 night stay in a Twitter competition about 6 months ago and was never asked to blog about it. The rest, was completely of their own initiative.

6 thoughts on “It’s in the details – my 1 year anniversary”

  1. @Chris M – thanks my man!

    @Andrew – I’m sure it was because I am a blogger, but still, I don’t know many companies that actually care! So big up to them. :)

  2. I agree, it was impressive. I’m just thinking through the marketing effect of this – does it raise everyone else’s expectations, and then they don’t deliver when a lowly-citizen pays them a visit?

  3. @Andrew – I was thinking the same thing actually – if I had to send my friends to stay, would they receive the same treatment? That being said, if I had to take all the personalisation out of my weekend, it was still a great weekend stay – the food was great, the staff friendly and helpful and the little notes and coasters make you smile.

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