5 Preso rules from the Presentation rockstars, Missing Link

Preso Rule 1/5: Make sure you enjoy your preso more than your audience does, no matter how detailed or serious the content.

Preso Rule 2/5: Serious is fine. Boring is not.

Preso Rule 3/5: Most people prefer to listen to words and see pictures. Be nice to those people.

Preso Rule 4/5: You are the presentation. Prepare for every preso under the assumption that your visual aids wont work…

Preso Rule 5/5: Presentation is storytelling, stories are fun, knock yourself out.

These tips will come in handy when I give my first 2 presentations later this year. Follow PresoRockGods for more tips from the Missing Link guys


I’ve implemented Asides here on my blog. Mostly to allow for content that doesn’t deserve a full post – Twitter for my blog so to speak.

The Aside posts are also styled differently and it’s pretty easy to accomplish using the in_category() function in WordPress.

I’m also able to use the QuickPress feature of the dashboard as well as the Press This bookmarklet. For now, I have to set my default posting category to Asides as QuickPress doesn’t allow you to select a category. (Coming in WP 2.8)