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*Update!* Follow my quick 6 step guide to setting up a US iTunes account from South Africa.

Looking to purchase US iTunes gift cards? Use one of the following sites. I’ve purchased from all 4 and they all come recommended!

I wrote a post well over 2 years ago about how us South African’s couldn’t buy music on iTunes and that the alternatives we do have are well below par. Well, I thought I’d write a follow up post on how easy it is to actually buy music (and iPhone / iPod Touch applications) on iTunes.

So here is a quick guide on how to buy music, movies and apps from iTunes in South Africa.

Setup a U.S. based iTunes account

In order to do this, you need to download any free iPhone app from the U.S. iTunes app store, create a new account, select None when they ask for your payment method and fill in the rest of the information.

Here is a step by step guide:

Firstly, make sure you have iTunes installed. Download iTunes from

Click on “iTunes Store” in the left sidebar of iTunes.

Make sure you are in the U.S. store, by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the circle icon located bottom right and selecting United States.

Once you are in the US iTunes store, find the Free Apps section in the right sidebar of the page.

Hover over any of the free apps and click on the free button to try and download it. A popup window will appear where you must click the Create New Account button. Follow the next few steps until they ask for payment. Make sure you use a valid email address, as you going to need it to validate your account.

On the Provide a Payment Method screen, make sure you select NONE. (If you do not see NONE as an option, start again and make sure you try to download a FREE app)

The most important step here is to select None as the payment method when asked to provide billing details. When filling in your billing address, you will need a valid US address. The easiest way to find a valid address is to search for a McdonaldsKFCWalmartHoliday Inn or any US business using Google maps and then use the address, zip code and state to enter as your address.

Once that step is complete, iTunes will send you a confirmation email. You need to click the link in that email to verify the account. Once you have done that, you are now the proud owner of an U.S. iTunes account!

If you get the message “please contact itunes support to complete this transaction”, email and explain to them you need to update your address. Try not use one of the more popular business addresses I’ve listed above.

Click on the Sign In link in the top right corner to login.

Buying music from iTunes

Once you have your U.S. iTunes account setup, you are going to need to buy iTunes gift cards that you can load into your account to spend. There are 4 websites that come recommended:

Once you have purchased the gift card, you’ll receive an email from them with a code. Click on the Redeem link under the Quick Links section (top right of iTunes Store), enter the Gift Card code and off you go!

You should now see your email address next to the value of your gift card loaded in the status bar like the image below:

You can now buy music, apps and movies from the US iTunes store from South Africa!

  • Gary Meyer

    I think you should also mention that even though you’re paying for the music, by doing this you violate the terms and condition of the US iTunes music store,

  • Jason

    @Gary, good point. I’ve added in a disclaimer at the bottom.

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  • Andrew

    Thanks for this, I’m going to try it out. As for a place to buy music legally in SA, is an option. Mostly indie artists, but still an awesome collection of music, and quite an original model as well.

  • Gino S

    I’ve just bought my first voucher from itunes express and added it to my US itunes account.

    Thanks for this great tip!

  • Jason

    Nice one Gino!

  • Hannes

    Thanks Jason for sharing this – much appreciated. Just purchased a gift card

  • Gerhard

    Thanks for the info…
    What version of iTunes did you use?
    Current version ( does not allow for ‘None’ payment selection.

  • Mack

    I have a much better idea. Use a peer 2 peer network to download music for free. It’s illegal but you know what? It’s the South African music industry who are preventing us from legitimately buying music. They are perpetuating the problem. I would much rather pay for music but if they want to be stupid then i will do it my way. Apple does not even bother to explain why itunes is not available on the iphone. Thats why people jailbreak and why people. Download music illegally. If they cant see that they are costing the country millions of rands then they are stupid. Until such tine as the SA music industry and Apple wake up, too bad.

  • Neal

    Does this mean that there are STILL no plans for an online istore in ZA? What about iPad and whether or not we’ll be able to buy ebooks etc using that?


  • barry

    this computer stuff is difficult – my son has opened UK itunes acc for me to use here – trying to get uk vouchers ??? credt card from here ????

  • Osvaldo

    I am Angolan and I am very glad and thankfull for your advice, as I was looking for a way to buy music from here. Best wishes.

  • Regardt_Saudi

    HI Jason

    quick question… ive done all of the above, now awaiting the arrival of my electronic voucher. did the transaction about 16 mins ago. i however noted that they mention time slots which you should avoid.

    you are based in South Africa right and at what time of the day do you normally buy your vouchers and how long do they take to get sent to you? what exactly should i be looking out for?

    thanks for your help dude

  • Osvaldo

    I bought gift cards from iTunes Express yesterday 10th at about 6 pm to 8 pm UTC and it took 1 to 20 minutes to receive on email. Furthermore, they really work.

  • Regardt_Saudi

    Osvaldo… thing is im in Saudi Arabia timezone GMT+3… lol its bit early in the morning for me to figure out these time differences! its 11AM here now

  • Jason

    Hey guys, they usually arrive at the worst 3-4 hours after you pay for the gift cards. Don’t worry too much about time zones etc, just don’t be in too much of a rush – they will come!

  • Regardt_Saudi

    True Jason

    like you say, all that’s needed is a bit of patience, I got my voucher code at about 4pm (GMT+3) yesterday, so I guess the dude was still sleeping when I did the payment. If works like a charm, I’m facing problems with applications paid for with my previous account on my iPhone though, but there’s a work around for that!

    I’ve bought a couple a songs I like already this morning

    thanks again for this write up

  • Fiona

    Can anyone help me please ? I bought a ringtone off iTunes as per the above. Only problem is,it’s sitting in my “Purchased” folder in iTunes and I can’t figure out how to drag it to the Ringtones folder in my Library. If I drag it over there, a blue block appears around all the Library folders with a small + sign but nothing happens when I try put it in there….sigh.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated !

  • Barry

    if i have UK itunes account can i feed it with a $ voucher/card ???

  • Jason

    Hey Barry, I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think you can load a US iTunes gift card onto a UK account.

  • Osvaldo

    Again Jason, I would like to express my gratitude for this aid. Finally it is possible to by music and not steal it, regardless of regional legal issues.

    Much appreciated.

  • Dion Forster

    Hey Jason,

    Thanks for this post – I read it some months ago and filed it. I’ve just returned and bought an iTunes voucher.

    I set up a US account when I was teaching in the states in 2007. Since then I’ve always either stocked up on vouchers when traveling through, or ordered them from have2have (not a pleasant experience!)

    I have a brand new Apple iPad arriving on Thursday and so wanted to stock my account with a few US$ for some new apps!

    Thanks for the info – worked like a charm thus far.



  • pedro

    i did all the steps up until the payment options. there is no none payment option any more. it seems that they found out, and shut down that option as from the twenties of april. please help.

  • Osvaldo

    I am not sure, but I also believe that does not exist an option to open an account without specifying the payment method anymore.

    Mine was open years ago. If the account already exists, the “None” option for payment is still there, and as it is fortunately explained here it is possible to buy from there buying gift cards and load them through “Redeem” on store via iTunes media player.

  • Anton

    Indeed so , no more “none ” paying options. I’ve got a pregnant wife who wants to buy ITUNES , now..!! Please help!!

  • Jason

    Pedro and Anton, you need to download a FREE app and then setup your account.

  • Erik

    Excellent advice, set up the US itunes account and paid via ituens express. Got the code within 3 minutes of payment!

    It worked!

    ps. the noneoption still works when choosing the free app route …

  • Elzhet

    Hi. I created my account successfully with your help on how to.
    Now my question is?
    I bought two songs. how do i get them on my ipod? is it the vouchers you guys are talking about thati need to wait for before i can redeem it?

  • Jason

    Hi Elzhet, have you downloaded the songs and can you play them from your iTunes library? If so, just connect your iPod to your PC / Mac and drag the songs into your iPod. (The iPod will show up under devices when iTunes is open)

  • Jax

    Jason please help.

    I am so excited about creating my account but I cant seem to find the Free Link that you talk about. This is as far as I get . This is driving me insane, please help. Can you perhaps post the correct link if I am in the wrong place.


  • Jason

    Hey Jax, you need to be using iTunes – not the website. Click on the iTunes store link when you have iTunes open.

  • Rob

    I dont see any replies to Gerhard’s comment on 12 March.
    I have not been able to create an account using iTunes

  • Jason

    Hey Rob, just follow the instructions. :) Everyone else has got it working.

  • Rob

    Hey Jason :-) No actually you can’t click on the “none” button with ver 9. What you have to do is FIRST buy the voucher from iTunes-express. To do this you need to set up a Pay-Pal account. Abraham Saavedra will then send you a code a few hours later. This code can be used as payment for setting up the iTunes account.
    Got it?

  • Jason

    Hey Rob, I actually set up an account last night for a friend of mine on a brand new install of iTunes and you can select None as a payment method. You have to try and download a FREE app, which then asks you for billing information BUT allows you to select None.

  • sim

    hi jason, let me know if the only way to buy gift cards on itunes-express is by paypal?
    i dont have a paypal account….what a mission :)
    any solutions?

  • Gerhard

    Hi Jason,I already have a SA account for the app store.Can I still use the method described to buy music and movies.

  • Jason

    Hey Gerhard, you going to need a UK or US account to buy music and movies. Just sign up with a new email address, or better yet, add or remove a fullstop from your gmail account. I.E. jason.bagley and jasonbagley [@] gmail are exactly the same (try it!), but Apple don’t know that!

  • Marinda

    Tx Jason
    I did what you say. Ran in some trouble like the other guys but then made it work through your responses.
    Does buying tv episodes work?

  • Nikolas

    Hi Jason,

    I’ve have been using the Nokia Ovi Player and Nokia Music store to buy music online. I’m not a fan of having CD’s all over the house and am looking for an answer to a question I am finding hard to find online.

    Will music ever be available for purchase in South Africa through iTunes? I could just go the hack route that you have mentioned but am trying to avoid this method. I don’t suppose you could help me with an answer.

    We are hosting the world cup but can’t even buy music through iTunes SA…

  • Stephan

    Thanks a million for the great advice.

  • Stephan

    Downloaded my first song toningt and it feels great. Any idea on how to acess the music store from my iPhone?

  • maria

    i have a greek itunes account set up…but just realised now that im not getting full advantages of having a US itunes account (no movies/shows etc) now that the portal has been opened up, im going to be following your advice on how to purchase items etc-BUT…i have a quick question-so when i download a movie (and can i download movies?) will that use up my internet cap? or are the movies compressed in a way that will make them so much more convenient than having to download them via other none payment method ways?

  • Jason

    Hi Maria, the movies aren’t compressed in any way as people usually want to watch the movies on their LCD tv hooked up via Apple TV. So to answer your question, it will use up your bandwidth cap.

  • bADBOY

    hey – if they don’t want to sell to us South African – try Thousands of SA users.

  • Some Bloke

    Thanks for the tips, Jason.

    Do you have any idea why we’re not making any progress on the iTunes front in South Africa? Who’s blocking the whole process? I’m really keen to start a campaign to put pressure on the guys responsible.

  • Bheki

    Hi Jason I set up the account and bought the gift voucher.

    When I enter the number on ITunes I am always requested to enter my membership ID and my password and the response I get is that vouchers are not accepted for South African and the syatem takes me back to South African store. Please help me as I have already bought the voucher.

  • Johan

    Hi Jason.

    Tried to setup US iTunes account, but when I get to payment method screen there is no ‘none’ option displayed.

  • Johan

    Hi Jason, sorry did not read , I had to choose a free app, which I did and the ‘none’ option came up, I filled in the fake generated details but when I pressed continue is came up with the error:
    Your credit card was declined. Please enter valid credit card information.

    I definately have ‘none’ selected, help please.

  • Stephan

    @Johan. You must be doing something wrong, make sure that you follow the instructions on this site to the word and it will work. I just opened an account for a friend of mine and it definitely works.

    Go back and read the instructions carefully again and you will see it does work.

    Then get yourself an apple TV, Uncapped ADSL and enjoy…

  • Harry

    Amie Street is a alternative but they don’t have a great selection!I have noticed that all the American Music sites including Amazon, emusic, napstar,7 digital etc will not allow us South Africans to purchase music from them!!! So it seems we have to resort to file sharing unless we do it as Jason says with Itunes.I think this is a disgrace that we have to resort to these kind of tactics. I used to subscribe to emusic but they stopped it! GoMusicNow is also a alternative but once again not much to choose from!! So for me i have no alternative but to look at file sharing and i blame the music industry for this.

  • Wayne

    Is there a way to buy music online at say beatport etc. with a debit card or eft? I can’t seem to find any such S.A sites..

  • Jason Lowe

    Hey Jason

    i just wanted to ask a quick question
    do you have to do it on an iphone?

    cant you do it on an iMac?

  • Osvaldo

    Hi, I have noticed today that even buying a free application the “None” option may not appear, but if you enter a $15 iTunes card code (of course purchased in advance) into the ” Redeem” field below the credit card options (leaving the card option as VISA for example) and proceed clicking on “Continue”, the iTunes application opens a new page with the “None” option now displayed and checked and with the inserted card code in the “Redeem” field. From then on the steps are as here explained.

  • Sana

    Hi… does this also work if I want to buy series and music videos online? Does any1 know of any SA websites that allow this? Thank Jason for the advice!

  • Osvaldo

    At least to buy and rent movies on iTunes it works.

  • Lauren

    Hi Jason,
    Quick question, I already have an iTunes account, how would I go about “deactivating” it as I would need the same email address to set up a new account, and then setting up a new one? Thanks

  • Lauren

    Hi Jason, just a follow up. With my current account I followed your instructions with going into the US store, and purchasing a free app, however it says: Your account is only valid for purchases in the South African iTunes Store.Clicking OK will take you to this store. I’m clueless!! Please help…

  • Eva

    it worked for my free game and it’s on my phone
    now I am going to try and purchase a gift card

  • Jason

    Hi Lauren, make sure you aren’t logged into any Apple account and you are browsing the US app store before trying to “purchase” a free app.

  • Michael

    Thank you very much Jason. You are such a star.

  • Keshav

    Thanks for the help it really helped atleast my ipad is more than a digital frame now.

  • Wayne

    Hi Jason, Is this process still working. Having tried all day with no luck. Followed your instructions to the T but….

  • Harry

    Amazon wont allow you to download music for copyright reasons!!!!! Amie Street has been taken over by Amazon so one less alternative which does not leave us with much to choose from! I read all your advice about itunes accounts but it seems very complicated and should not be necessary!!! Its ridiculous if you ask me.

  • Hoekstes

    Hi Jason, I tried your instructions, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Got a fake name on Fake Mail Generator, bought a $10 voucher on Maximus Cards, logged off my old iTunes account, got a free app from the US Store, went through all the registration stuff, chose “None”, entered my $10 voucher code, and after all that I got: “YOUR CREDIT CARD WAS DECLINED, PLEASE ENTER VALID CREDIT CARD INFORMATION”. This is especially nice since I didn’t enter any.

  • Jason

    Hoeksta, trust me, the instructions still work. Make sure you are logged out of any iTunes accounts when you start and just follow them step by step!

  • Yvonne

    hi there –

    tx a mill – I have been waiting for this for over 2 years.. Going to try it now. Is is okay though if i update my Ipod which is registered as South African with my New American Based ITunes account with my newly purchased music?

  • Jason

    @Yvonne, yes you can!

  • Roger

    Hi Jason, thanks for the awesome info :)
    i bought my itunes from they local as well and a bit cheaper than

  • Barbara Malaise

    Hi Jason – I’m very happy to see that I can actually buy music from itunes. I will follow the step by step guide. But I already have an itunes account, which they can presumably see is in South Africa. Help – can I start again with a brand new account? But then what will happen to all the music I’ve got in my ipod that I’ve already installed onto my laptop? I mean all the music that I’ve transferred from my own cds onto itunes……..
    Please help – I’ll be SO grateful………..

  • Jason

    Hi Barbara, You won’t lose any of your music. Just log out of your current iTunes account before following the instructions here!

  • Voucherboy

    Bought the vouchers, received the order number, but now the voucher status is “out of stock”, and no one is responding to any of mails at the voucher company. Is this normal or have I justy lost some money to a bunch of scammers?

  • Jason

    Voucherboy, which company did you buy the voucher from? Just give them a little time, they usually do respond and as I said, I have used all the sites I listed above, so they all legit!

  • Stiller

    Hi Jason, great tip but quite expensive/large premium to buy vouchers instead of product. Which is the best voucher site?
    Can you do a similar trick to buy restricted books from Amazon for kindle.

  • Jason

    Hey Stiller, good luck then trying to find the actual vouchers here in SA!

    Not sure about buying vouchers from Amazon for the Kindle.

  • Mark

    You can buy the actual physical gift cards down at the phone store in Sandton (a bit exspensive but everything they sell is) … I have tried to get UK gift cards for my UK account but no luck, try for pretty good value virtual cards and they arrive on time….

  • Duncan

    I follow the instructions as said above and then it says: “your payment method was declined. please enter valid payment method information” any help? I really want access to the american istore so many cool apps for my iphone which aren’t available here in south africa. I have an existing south african itunes account and log out of that one but still no luck creating an american account.

  • Kelly

    Please give me a hand!
    It keeps telling me to contact itunes support to complete this transaction! What have I done wrong?

  • Sanki

    hi jason. thanks soooooooo much for the excellent advice. i used maximus cards and got my voucher in less than a minute.
    merry christmas to you and everybody else :-)

  • Kirsten

    I seem to have the same problem as Kelly- it keeps telling me to contact itunes support to complete the transaction. Have I also done something wrong??

  • Jason

    Kelly and Kirsten, where in the process does it tell you to contact Apple? Most people forget the 2 most important steps.

    1: Make 100% sure you are viewing the US iTunes store.
    2: Select a FREE app.

    Try again and see if that works?

  • Bruce

    All iTunes and iStores should be internationally comparable, if they don’t sell the apps they should not sell the product, so we have to operate on the basis that illegal (ill eagle) is a sick bird as my minister used to say lol:-) remember cyber space is a place for space pirates alla wicki people

  • j1pvt

    Brilliant, thanks a lot.

  • ak

    Hi Jason, thanks for this info. The south african one seems to have run out of all stock! would you recommend the evopoints option?

  • Pieter Viljoen

    One small problem, they removed “none” from the payment method, and you need the security code on the credit card!

  • Jason

    Hey Pieter, you not following the instructions properly! Make sure you select a free app to download. This is where everyone gets caught up…

  • Mark here is a video on how to sign up…thinking of setting up an automatic account creation page will see if I can trap the iTunes server communications…

  • Johan Viljoen

    when i set up the US account, do i need to use the Fake name generator e-mail address?
    if so how do i retrieve that mail?

  • Johan Viljoen

    I see guys using fake names on there questions!
    any risk here?

  • Jason

    @Johan, you need to use your proper email address. The fake name generator is literally used for the address. You can use your real name.

  • Max

    Hi Jason

    Thanks for the great guide.

    One question. Is it possible to continually switch between a US and SA account using the same iPhone? What i mean is, can i concurrently run aps i got in SA and aps i got from the UUS store on one iPhone.

    I’ll mostly use the US ap store, but i might want to buy something like the Navigon SA ap from the SA ap store.


  • Jason

    Hey Max, yes, you can easily switch between accounts. Whenever you download an app from the SA store, enter your SA account details, when you download from the US store, enter your US account details!

  • Max

    Thank you Jason. In that case i’ll use the SA apstore as far as possible and only use my US account for aps i can’t get on the SA store.

  • Shuttle Service

    Hello, MY PARTNER AND I realize everyone, in case you arrived at Romania there is a light beer via my family: ) Cheers!

  • Kav

    I already have iTunes 10.1.2 so every time I try to hover over the free apps, it connects to my SA account with iTunes. How do I open a US iTunes account?

  • nicky

    If I set up an itunes account using a UK address can I use $ vouchers to purchase or do I hvae to buy pounds. Not sure if it is one store regardless of where your account is registered and if it matters the denomination of your voucher

  • TheDude

    Jason, followed your advice and it worked like a charm. Thanks for sharing the knowledge, man.

  • Jason

    @Nicky if you setup a UK account, you must buy vouchers for the UK store. They are different stores with different vouchers.

  • Barry

    Hi Nicky – i also went UK route – get pound vouchers from – not cheap but very quick & no other way i know of .

  • Judy

    Thanks so much!!!! Was so frustrated trying to buy music and gift certificates, all done now and music downloading from Itunes as we speak……

  • Jarp

    hi jason, i’ve already downloaded stacks of content from the south african itunes store for my ipad and iphone. if i create a new account in the us store following your instructions above, will i lose any of the content i’ve already downloaded? in short, is my apple id connected to my devices in any way?

  • mike

    I get my itunes gift cards at, they are wroth mentioning here.

  • Jason

    Hey Jarp, you can have multiple accounts. What will happen though is when you need to do updates for apps etc, it will ask you to switch accounts. So the stuff you have purchased is linked to a specific account.

    Also bear in mind you will need a different email address to setup a 2nd account. Adding a “.” in between your gmail username works pretty well!

  • John Thole

    Hi Jason,

    I am trying to access the ITunes store and continually receive an error message saying that I’m not connected to the internet, yet I am as I can browse, access mail etc.

    I’ve been communicating with some help guys in the US and after uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes a few times, editing the registry, running diagnostics…the same error message keeps appearing.

    have you come across this problem and do you have any advice for me?

    Thanks, John

  • Chanel

    Thanks for the tips. I recently moved back tot SA after spending 5years in the US. I havent been able to buy itunes since, so this will help a lot! hope it works…have to try it out! :)

  • Geoffrey Chisnall

    shot for the tips :-)

  • Hein

    Nice dude, easy as pie! Thanks for the help!

  • Peet van zyl

    hi, i tried it and I feel like an idiot!!
    could not get the US account, as soon as I changed my country, there are no “none” option to select, at the payment part? what am I doing wrong, and if not any good sites I can get music from?
    please help, so OVER the hole no music for South africans on itunes.

  • Dave

    Great advise – I bought vouchers from – delvery was quick via email and they work – they also have an affiliate section

  • JayWest

    Thanks for information. I’ve followed all the steps but I’m stuck at the verification stage – I get a pop up stating “general failure; application not found” when I click on the verify link. Anyone else having this problem?

  • JayWest

    Verification link works from my desktop so all sorted. Thanks for the advise, I’m looking forward to shopping at ITunes!

  • Vos Pienaar

    I have downloaded itunes, but cannot seem to get into buying and downloading music ?

  • Barry

    hi jason – have uk acc – normally works fine – lately when i log into the store, after 15 seconds or so logs out ??? weak connection maybe ?

  • Dean

    at the point where it asks for payment optionthere is no option to click as NONE? any helpwith this?

  • Roger

    You may no longer use a FAKE US address, Apple now checks this. Rather use a real address, google a hotel or restaurant in the city you use when sighing up.

  • Phanus

    I just checked this. It is indeed true, you do have to change your address to a real one. Once that is complete, you are back in the game

  • Christo

    What happens if you’re already signed in. I changed to a real address but it’s still not working. Would I have to re-register another account? how do I transfer my paid apps?

  • Christo

    Sorted, If u put in a correct address and zipcode, it works again…

  • Nazhene


    What i would like to know is this. The voucher thing. Do i use my bank card for this or what? I don’t own a credit card only the usual debit card from ABSA. I was wondering for a long time how i would be able to download music from the itunes store. Can you help please would like to set this up and do it the legal way.

  • maggylover

    You can also use mediaWOB for vouchers – been using this for about 3 years now, and no problems! Pay through paypal / with credit card. They literally buy cards in the US & send you the voucher number. Takes a couple of hours, but it’s relatively cheap :) Otherwise, get a friend in the US to buy you a $50 / $100 iTunes card that will last lekker long…

  • Smarais

    Hi Jason. I’ve been using the hack for a while but it seems like APle have validated addresses. Because I keep getting an “invalid address” msg when trying to updat my apps. Help? Cheers

  • Jason

    If any of you are experiencing issues with invalid addresses with your US iTunes account, you going to need to enter a valid US address.

    The easiest way to find a valid address is to search for a Mcdonalds, KFC, Walmart, Holiday Inn or any US business using Google maps and then use the address, zip code and state to enter as your address.

  • Willem


    What happens when I sync my iphone with my pc. Do the applications transfer to the PC without deleting the apps i bought on the SA account?


  • Tiaan

    ahhhh it works perfectly !!! thanks a lot dude !!!

  • Conrad

    Works 100%.

  • Bsquabs

    Thx Mate.
    We will never see a Itunes store in SA with the Publications Act and the Government Control. To hell with the SA music Companies – they such anyway.

  • Robert

    Hi Jason, have read the whole tread here but can’t find the answer to my question. I recently moved over to SA from the UK.
    Bought a new Iphone here and tried to get all over from one I4(uk one) to another I4(SA one) but the apps. won’t do it. Outlook, songs etc yes but apps no.
    Is there a solution to this like opeing a new SA Itunes acount or something like that?

    Thanks for any replies to this.


  • Matheu

    Hi Jason

    I’ve followed your steps. But when Itune’s asks me to vitrify my Gmail email account I get this message.

    This email address is no longer associated with Apple ID.

    any suggestions?

  • Kashif

    Hi Guys,
    I have some problem with my IPad2…I have an apple Id (South African) when i logged In with My South African Account Movies ,Music and other Menus is not appearing on the bottom.
    But when my friend logged in with his account (US) all options are visible.
    Is there any one tell me what is the issue?

  • Arnold

    Hi Jason
    Are there any issues changing my current SA settings of my iTunes account to an American account using the info above?

  • Jason

    Hi Kashif, you need to create a US iTunes account. Movies and Music are not available in the SA iTunes store.

  • Jason

    @Arnold, you can’t change your SA account to a US account. You have to start a new US account with a new email address.

  • Kashif

    @Jaoson, Thanks for the reply…. But why those options are not appearing under the SA Address…..
    Secondly who can i bought the movies through my VISA card if my account is valid for SOUTH AFRICA…

  • Jason

    @Kashif – dude, read the post. You need a United States iTunes account and you can’t use your Credit Card, you need to purchase US iTunes vouchers.

  • Cornelle

    Nice loophole. I decided to go through the iTunes TOS to see which conditions may be violated by doing this.

    “Apple reserves the right to close accounts and request alternative forms of payment if a Gift Certificate, iTunes Card, Content Code, or Allowance is fraudulently obtained or used on the Service.”

    “Gifts purchased from the Services may be purchased only for, and redeemed only by, persons in the United States, its territories, and possessions”

    “The iTunes Service is available to you only in the United States, its territories, and possessions. You agree not to use or attempt to use the iTunes Service from outside these locations. Apple may use technologies to verify your compliance.”

    To me, this means that you could lose any of purchases that are protected by DRM if Apple decides to crack down on these accounts.

  • Michele

    The NONE button seriously IS gone now…all I get is Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Paypal. Last month I set my own account up and now I want to set one up for my Fiancé and the NONE option isn’t there anymore! :(

    If one was to use Paypal, could iTunes see that you are in SA from your verified address?

    My other option now…buy a card first and put the voucher number in. Will that be allowed? Have you tried that?

  • Jake21cape

    Hi please help trying to set up itune us account on my ipad with a macdonalds address and it keeps telling me invaild zip code have tried alot please help

  • Christo

    @Jake21 Not all addresses seem to work. I tried a couple of hotels before it accepted the address….try using another address…

  • jeremy

    Wicked! Thanks mate – it works a charm!

    Lekker jammin on the new song and wondering when Interpol’s gonna knock… :)))

  • Sandy Green

    I’ve tried this twice and can’t get past the ‘payment’ stage. I put the fake address in and it is not accepted. Now it will not accept my SA email for some reason so I had to set up ANOTHER email as well!

    What the…

  • Nathan

    It has taken me a long time to set up an account to enable me to buy music legally on itunes, as i did not have a UK/US account. I tried getting through to itunes to argue the logic of not been able to download in South Africa, but to no avail. I am not sure how i missed your invaluable guide after all this frustrating search. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I bought voucher from evopoints. I bought a favourite Timbaland song.

  • Jake21cape

    Thanx,guys for all your great advise set up account with American address no problem, i have found that ebay have the cheapest itunes vouchers $100 for $103 and takes a few hours and they send you the voucher number awesome.

  • Anthony

    Hi Jason, many thanks for your advice. I’ve followed every step but get iTunes comment in red after address info submitted etc which says “Please contact iTunes support to complete this transaction”. Any ideas? Ant

  • Anthony

    Would appreciate follow up advice, cheers

  • Christo

    @Anthony If it’s in red, and in the address, then the address is probably not a valid US address. Try another one. Google hotels in america and use one of them’s address

  • Nina

    I still have my UK itunes account registered to a legitimate UK address but I’m having a hard time finding UK itunes vouchers on the net. Everyone seems to have US vouchers.
    Do you know of a site where I can buy them?

  • Nina

    Thanx Barry. I’ll give that a go.

  • Cindy

    Jason, you are my new hero!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  • Jason

    I am going to remove all comments regarding other music services such as – these music sites are illegal and none of the artists receive any royalties when you purchase music from them. The music is all pirated.

    Regarding opening a US iTunes account, it may not be 100% in agreement with Apple’s terms and conditions, however when you purchase music using your US iTunes account, the artist is receiving their royalties from Apple.

    Please refrain from posting about illegal music services on this post. Start your own blog for it. :)

  • Christo

    I sucpected as much, that’s why I posted it here so others know that it doesn’t sound legit…….

  • Annie

    seeking answer to this earlier post..:
    What happens when I sync my iphone with my pc?
    Do the applications transfer to the South African account without deleting the earlier apps i bought on the SA account? thanks

  • Annie

    Thanks so much for all the info on this site, really helpful and redeeming my voucher went like a dream…:-)……

    Please tell me if there is a way to purchasing ifone gift applications for friends, with store credits?….It insists on credit card details…

    Thanks again

  • Christo

    When you sync your phone with your pc, it syncs all apps, but doesn’t delete any apps. when you want to check for updates, you have to sign in to your south african account, check for updates, download and install, log into american account, and repeat….

    Because I now mainly run off the american store, I have actually started to delete all the free apps I installed from the south african store, and installed them from the american store. So I have to log into the south african store less frequently…

  • Willeman

    Hi guys,

    For those of you who didn’t know, you can also buy mp3’s locally at


  • Harsha

    Hello, I’ve tried setting up a US iTunes account on both my iPad as well as my laptop on both the App Store as well as iTunes. On all four options, the “None” option is no longer there. Any advice on how else I could set up a US account?
    Also has anyone tried the PayPal option? Could I set up a US iTunes account with a SA paypal account?
    Thanks very much!

  • Cheryl

    Hi, no payment option reflecting “none”. Is there another way to sort out the payment details. Tks Chez

  • Neon

    Is there anyway to active iTune without master card, visa, just make life easier for us

  • Rouan

    Thanks dude! Finally….

  • Cliff Rosenberg

    I was had by Maximus – received the voucher numbers which did not work – lost my payment. Also tried iTunes Express which did not work – However they passed credit. Finally tried Wildtwig which worked a real treat. Beauty is no waiting for the codes – on payment a link is provided giving immediate access to the codes.

  • Shaakira

    Hi Jason,
    i’ve been trying to create a US itunes account, however it keeps saying that I need to contact iTunes support to complete the transaction… the account does not get created.
    so frustrated, please help.

  • Daniel

    Tried, was reffered to them by the Apple store. Thanks for the guide, the support staff at Masstech ran me through it as well when I hit a snag (my country was set to SA). Haha, guess it happens..

  • Patrick

    Thank you Jason !! great tip !! I followed exactly what you said and it works !!!…just a comment regarding the purchase of a US Itunes music card: I tried Maximus but my Credit Card was not accepted….then I tried Evopoint (SA based) and it worked swiftly.
    An advice to all: take your time and follow Jason’s procedure carefully…it took me some time but now I buy music online and that is really cool !!

  • Lester

    thanx dude…. finally got the account setup using your method….. was told howevr to setup a Kenya account for Itunes… know anything about that?

  • Jason

    No idea where the Kenya account thing comes from. Stick to a US iTunes account.

  • Andrew

    Thanks Jason. You are the man! Been pulling my hair out for month trying to figure out how to get a decent legal music download. Going to give this a go a bit later to day. Just out of interest if I load credit card details will it reject because it sees it as a SA credit card. Have a great day. It my be interesting to note I have the same problem with apps, my son has Autism and it on an American programme to assist him and they continually recommend iPad app but they are not available via the SA store, so this shouldn solve that problem too. Cheers Andrew

  • Neels

    Thanks a mil

  • Robert

    Can you do it on the new itunes?

  • Pieter (yes, THE Pieter)

    Jason I hope you’re gettin paid for all the support you’re dishing out!
    This would frustrate me to death. The answer is almost always : READ the instruction STEP BY STEP and APPLY. Anyway, if it helps, I followed instructions step by step and it worked perfectly, and I now have a plethora of free apps, games, etc and the very cool itunes store available on my ipad. Way cooler device with a us account. Oh yeah, no reply/support needed. :)

  • Jason

    Hi Robert, yes you can setup a US account on the new iTunes.

  • Cedric

    Hy Jason,

    Great tip, I get your frustration with the SA music industry and fully agree that the artist must get there money , I’m not into illegal music downloads at all.

    But with this trick not being 100 % in accordance to itunes terms, what are the legal repercussions of that, any Idea

  • Robert

    what post codes work?

  • Christo

    Robert, just google the postal codes, some states are split up into smaller areas, therefor they have more than one zipcode…

  • David Forbes

    Jason, Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!! ;-)))
    We’ve been trying to do this for ages, and your easy steps made it happen for us. Not without difficulty, but we did it and are now downloading music. This was very cool. Thank you!

  • Jennie

    How do I do this on an ipad??

  • Tumi

    Thanks for the tips, they worked.. but.. Evopoints is a tad problematic.. having trouble setting up an account.. keeps saying “verifying”..a bit wary of such after i have entered all details but server hangs (or whatever it is that it’s doing when it’s sluggish to process my request).. maybe I should just cross fingers.

  • jako

    hi Jason

    do you have any idea when apple’s going to bring all the US itunes store features to the ZA store and other countries?

  • Dale Grobler

    Could you give us a list of sites to get iTunes voucher. i have just order from Wildtwig and the number was rejected. iTunes asked for the card seal number. Very frustrating. Have mailed them but still waiting a reply.

  • Jason

    Hi Dale, I have a list of the voucher suppliers in this post!

    Wildtwig are very reliable. They will get back to you and sort it out. If not, pop me an email and I’ll put you in contact with them.


  • Jac

    Bought the voucher via Evopoints, redeemed the vouchers, Credit is showing but Itunes match wants a US credit card on file? what now?

  • kathy

    Jason, there is not an option to tick “none” for payments (anymore?) So it’s not possible to set up a US account.

  • Michael

    That you so much! Worked perfectly, I’m busy downloading free apps. Solving the problem of buying music / apps etc. is a mission for another day. Why is the SA iTunes store so limited?


  • Lelanie

    I am trying to create a new ID as per your instructions, but it prevents me to go to the next slide as it requires credit card informaiton

  • Marizette

    Jason you a star. Had to open new email address but got my us iTunes account. Thanks!

  • Kama


    I purchased on the Maximus Cards and it deducted from my c/card but I can’t get a voucher out of them and now I can’t even locate the website.
    Are you sure they are ligit???

  • Leona

    Thanks for the awesome guide, I had to create a second account though but it worked a charm.

    @kama: i bought a $100 itunes card from masstech this morning and had the same terrifying experience, nothing came thought. Thought I got robbed!

    After 10 minutes I phoned them and they had a server issue due to heavy holiday traffic.

    I received my code from them two minutes later! Awesome system they have, my concern turned to pleasent surprise..

    @Jason: You should add them to your list, my husbands boss recommend them to us. From your comparison they are more expensive, but boy are they professional.

  • Jason

    @Kama – they are legit. I have purchased numerous times from them. If you are still stuck, mail them at

    @Leona – thanks for the heads up. I’ll take a look into Masstech.

  • darren

    Hi Jay

    Please help, I have tried a bunch of different addresses and as far as I can tell i have followed your steps correctly however when ever I get to, and complete the address step it tells me I need to “contact itunes support” to complete the setup, am i missing anything?

    thanking you in advance

  • Mangi

    I can’t get it to work … I keep getting a message saying “Please contact iTunes support to complete this transaction”

    I’m on iTunes

    Help please…

  • Alice

    Hi there
    I’m having exactly the same problem as Darren and Mangi. All other steps work, but get the same error message after inputting address (have also tried several real addresses).
    Any suggestions most welcome.
    Thank you for your help

  • Mangi

    Eish, I’m getting no satisfaction … I think they’re onto us…

  • Amit

    At John: that facebook seller is flakey bro! I’m a man with a eye for deal and I don’t trust it.. Looks like a hit and run mos! Only 5 people like it on FB, my sister can put a page and get more likes over lunchtime…

    At Jason: big up, nice guide an all, just had to do some stuff different, but it’s Lekker – got my christmas present up and running quick-quick!

    Back at John: Stick to the suppliers on Jason’s list and save yourself a headache, my brother is heavy into importing and confirms he tried getting these cards at cost or lower and insists that no one will or can sell these cards below cost, unless it comes off the back of a truck! R 50 is R 50, no one is going to sell you a legal credit card with R 50 on for R 40. Scammy, so beware!!!

    All the best, Amit

  • Jason

    Thanks Amit.

    John is a spammer, so I’ve deleted his comment. Only use the links I have included in the post – I have personally used all of them, so can vouch for their authenticity.


  • Jason

    @Alice & Mangi – sometimes the Apple ID verification service goes down and it cannot verify addresses as well as doesn’t send the verification email.

    Just keep at it – or try in a couple of hours again. Trust me, it still works!


  • Barry

    Howzit Jason – i downloaded “travelling wilburys” and about 6 songs have only partly down-loaded – there were signal breaks due to our location and i just restart ; but its never downloaded half songs b4 ?? any pointers ?

  • Guy

    I’ve tried 3 of the sites:
    Evopoints never sent me the SMS verification code to register an account, and never answered any helpdesk requests
    iEverything happily took my money, but never emailed me the codes and didn’t respond to my heldesk request, but did send me an automated email confirming payment, which didn’t help my frustration levels (not my favourite people at the moment)
    Wildtwig worked brilliantly – I’d place your list upside down, as Wildtwig doesn’t need you to register, accepts paypal and displays your code immediately.

  • Dewaldt

    Hi Jason. I’ve just realized that I can’t download anything except podcast to my iPhone. That really sucks. I do understand that the people on this forum doesn’t want to pirate any content. But if I need music or movies or any series I download them onto my pc and then transfer them to my iPhone. Its much easier and free. Is there still no way to buy content legally on Sa iTunes ( just wondering). O and you sound like the guy on 5 fm on Thursday’s tech to the power of 5. Is that maybe you. Regards.

  • Dewaldt

    Jason if I download the same app on the us store will there still be ads on the app. Because that’s killing me and my data I get from mtn haha.

  • Jason

    Dewaldt, apps on the US and SA stores are the same, just that the US store has many many more apps.

  • Jason

    Dewaldt, the guy on 5FM is Simon Dingle. :) And no, unfortunately, you cannot buy any music or movies on the SA iTunes store.

  • Jason

    Barry, just download the songs again – you won’t be charged for them again.

  • Lloyd

    Hi jason, i downloaded apps from usa store, but somehow it does not want to sync from iTunes. It shows up with my SA apps but when I check the sync tab, it does not copy across. pls help

  • Darren

    Hi Jason

    I have tried several times since since my last post and still no luck. I even put an incomplete Zip Code in once and Itunes completed it for me with the full correct Zip Code, this leads me to believe that their :address checker” is online and working however i still received the “contact itunes support to complete this transaction” message.

    I am not sure if i am doing something else wrong or if they really have figured this account thing out.

    is there some way you can check and let us know?

    many thanks dude!

  • Rose

    wildtwig is not instant code delivery, more like typical SA snail mail!!!

  • Jason Bagley

    Rose, once you have purchased from Wildtwig, it takes you directly back to your site where the voucher number is displayed.

  • Anonymous

    get a VPN first. setup a U.S account, then buy directly with credit or paypal while VPN on. I think once the songs are purchased you can move them from and to any apple device without location checking no ?

  • Jakob

    If I click on the iTunes store, I do not get the option to enter the USA iTunes – only the SA flag at the bottom.  How do I get access to the US store.  Plse help?

  • Jason Bagley

    Hi Jakob, click on the SA flag. It will then show you all the stores where you can select the US store.

  • Jakob

    Txs Jason,  Griet, so easy!  Txs for your help.  Which site do you find best to purchase iTunes gift cartds?

  • Jason Bagley

    Just read this post – I have links to the 4 best places to buy iTunes gift cards. Wildtwig is my favourite.

  • Jakob


  • JeremyArgue

    Hi Jason
    All going great , but there’s no billing option for “none”.
    Will a Paypal account work?

  • Jason Bagley

    Hi Jeremy, unfortunately an SA based PayPal account won’t work. Make sure you have selected to download a FREE app. The none option will appear.

  • Jeremyargue

    Hey Jason..Sorted!
    I wasn’t on the free iPhone Apps AS YOU SAID.
    Thanks it worked great!!

  • Dannys

    Hey Jason, got my account and downloading series…woot… oh and thanks evopoints super service

  • Kimhevans

    Hi Jason. I just downloaded iTunes for the first time but how does one know if its the South African iTunes or USA? When it asked for my address, it was asking for a South African address. Have I downloaded the wrong version? 

    Also, I already have an account setup on my iPhone4 for when i d/load apps. Should I rather set up on a new one with iTunes on my PC?  Tks! Kim

  • Jason Bagley

    Hi Kim, there is only 1 version of iTunes. Go to iTunes Store in iTunes (link is in left sidebar of iTunes) and log in with the same email and password you use on your iPhone.

    Then check bottom right of the iTunes store homepage to see which flag you see there. That will tell you which account you have, SA or US.

  • Kimhevans

    Ok…so i signed in & it said “This Apple ID is only valid for purchases in the South African iTunes store”, so seems i have a SA account.

    Is this to my disadvantage? Will the prices be in Rands or Dollars? Will I still need to buy iTunes vouchers? 

    Whats confused me is that above you were giving instructions on how to set up a US iTunes store. Is it preferable to have an US iTunes store?

    And I know this may sound absolutely rediculous, but I searched and searched and all can see are Apps! I cant work out where to download music and movies.

  • Jason Bagley

    Hi Kim, way better to create a US iTunes account. You’ll be able to purchase music, movies and ALL games. The SA store is extremely limited. Follow my steps to create a US account, buy vouchers (you can purchase them in Rands, but you spend them in dollars) and enjoy the full iTunes store experience!

  • Darkangel K96

    Hi just wanted to if it is illegal to register in the USA instead of south Africa?? And would it affect the creditcard payment?:):)

  • Chakamangarose

    Hi Jason, please help. I can’t see the “free apps” In the right hand corner as your instructions above indicate. Has the site since changed since you wrote the above? Thanks!

  • Jason Bagley

    Open iTunes, click on iTunes store (right sidebar), then click on apps (top menu) and you should find a list of free apps on the right. Or just search for “free apps.”

  • Jason Bagley

    You can’t use your credit card in the US store. 

    It probably is against the Terms of Service to register an account in the US if you are from SA, but we don’t have a proper store in SA. At the end of the day, we are legally paying for all music, movies and apps, so the artists are getting paid. Who cares which country you buy it from then.

  • Kimhevans

    Thanks so much for all your assistance Jason, but im getting soooo frustrated.

    I am still not able to create a iTunes US account. I have followed your above steps to the T, have used 3 different email address’s, some gmail, some Closed the site, re-opened, left it for 24hours.

    I have tried a variety of US business address details (from google maps) and yet when I get to the end…click on Create Apple ID, i get the same error message each time – “Please contact iTunes support to complete this transaction”

    What on earth am I doing wrong??


  • Jason Bagley

    Use the contact form on my site to send me an email and I’ll help you get sorted.

  • Rligege2

    Hi Jason
    I am unable to select “none” for payment option, any suggestions?

  • Neil Yates

    We live in such a primitive country, wtf is up with this limited iTunes crap

  • Jason Bagley

    Remember to download a FREE app before signing up for an account.

  • Rligege2

    Hi Jason
    I have Downloaded a free App and it asked if I wanted to create a new apple address which I selected, I fill all the required info however when I get to choosing the payment option the Visa is pre selected and it does not allow me to select the None option.

  • Evelyn

    Hello Jason
    Trouble os – when the credit card options appear, as one goes through the steps to create a US account, there’s no “NONE” option. Iy you ignore it, they keep on asking for it. Doesn’t work.

  • Evelyn

    Ok, never mind, I got it – first downloaded a free app. Then the NONE appeared in the account application. Thanks.

  • Candy Butler

    Hi there. What will happen to all my music ive bought on a uk based ID? I used to live in the uk and bought a lot of music up there. Now i want to add to my library from SA but dont want to lose all my other music

  • Bronberry

    hey Jason, you rock!

  • snupen

    Hi Jayson, 
    Thanks very much.I get the same result as kimhevans below. How was that resolved?

  • Barry

    Hi Jason
    if i download video’s from itunes & put them on my ipod – can i play them on big screen with surround ??

  • Simon

    Jason you are a genius…. and evopoints you guys rock!

  • Geehall

    Anyone know where to get UK vouchers??

  • Sbshange

    Hi Jason

    I’m getting the same problem as Kim, its telling me to “contact itunes support center”. Can you please help me.


  • Nasquin

    Hi Jason I would really appreciate it if you could guide me step by step how to download iTunes an other applications thanks

  • JasonK

    Hi Geehall – I had the same question, I search myself sick for my girlfriend a while ago. Jasons awesome posts got me onto the US Store, but since she has a UK account already I had to dig around and found Seemed legit and got her a valid UK voucher within under an hour or so from buying. You can give it a bash, I personally use for the US purchases (evopoints is good too), but that’s all they support (I presume demand is too low). Hope it helps!

  • Lin

    I have registered with UK istore on my laptop but cannot access it via my new ipad.  Whenever I open up itunes on the ipad it just states that the istore is not available, so I cannot even change any settings.  Any ideas?

  • Barry

    i use – works fine

  • Sally

    Thank you SO MUCH. I’ve been frustrated at not being able to buy music legally, having to resort to illegal sites to get what I want!  XXX

  • Leonnekwanten

    Hi Jason, I was too wondering why I could not buy any music. Followed your steps but went into the Dutch site (as we are from Holland living in SA) and I can easily get a legal address, I even have Dutch credit cards, so no problems there. But once bought can I get on my I pad?

  • Gus

    Brilliant – It works 100%!!

  • Mocassimjee

    I have been trying on my iPad no luck do I have to use a Pc

  • 27824492329

    Hi Jason, I recieved an iTunes Gift Card from our US based office. How do I redeem it and what can I purchase? I do not have an iPad, iPod, etc. Will appreciate your help.

  • Jason Bagley

    You will need an US iTunes account to redeem the voucher. You can then purchase music, movies or series in iTunes if you don’t have any Apple products. Follow the steps in my post to setup a US iTunes account!

  • Mo

    It requests my apple ID not create new account when I press on free apps

  • Jason Bagley

    Look for the button “create new Apple ID”. It’s there when you try and download a free app.

  • Mo

    No luck I have tried

  • Lauren_nostradamus

    I’m just a bit confused about emailing itunes support? If we registered as US account, and mail them to change it to a  SA billing address, won’t it switch the account to South African again? That part just really confused me. Please help me as soon as possible, a little worried now :/ but thanks for this help page.

  • Jason Bagley

    No no, email them and change the address to another US address.

  • Mo

    It works but now to make it work on my ipad

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  • raees carim

    i have a much better way that works immediately nd not a single trouble from apple>>>>i am willing to make a few fake accounts for ppl that are having alot of trouble for a $10 dollar voucher……. i willl post a few fake accounts for FREE to show that i am legit… first 4 to ask will get a account for free provided that they leave a coment if the account works or not … email me @ for either first free account or u wana buy… thnx

  • raees carim

    and i can do for every country accounts

  • ela

    thanks for this easy guide jason!!!

  • my name

    can i get free stuff? cuz when i try to download a free app it said that it is only available in the south african store

  • Andrew

    Awesome! Thanks for the help!

  • Umm Naadirah

    use this address: “2513 McCain Blvd PMB XXX, North Little Rock, AR 72116″, and just insert a random 3 digit number for the XXX. Or you could use the address of any UPS store in America, as they sell private mailboxes.

  • Umm Naadirah

    Jason, you should really advise people to use a PMB address, like the ones the UPS stores use in America. They are real street addresses and there are as many as 2000 private mail boxes in these stores. I use the one in North Little Rock, which is 2513 McCain Blvd Ste 2 PMB XXX, North Little Rock, AR 72116. But you can just google UPS store + major US city (Los Angeles, Detroit, Dallas, etc) and use the address found on their website and add PMB XXX). It’s a little more complicated but it won’t show up as a McDonalds for iTunes.

  • Kay

    Hi I live in the U.S. I was wondering how you would recommend me maybe advertising for a business that sells iTunes, as well as other gift cards over the web?

  • Michael

    I found to be the cheapest place to buy US iTunes Gift Card.

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  • Helena

    Hi Jason. I already have a South African Apple ID, and have purchased music, which is now in my iTunes. I suppose if I create a new US account, and download music into iTunes, I will only be able to either have the SA account or the US account music on my iPod when I sync? So I won’t be able to add the music I bought using the US address, to my existing playlists??

  • Jason Bagley

    Hey Helena, I’ve never purchased music in both stores, so I have no idea what will happen. I do think that purchasing music is different from apps, because once you have purchased a song, its in your music library and you can then do whatever you want with it. So purchasing from both stores I don’t think will be a problem to sync to your iPod.

    So give it a go and let us know!

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  • Peter

    Make sure you use a business in one of the tax free states like Alaska, otherwise you’ll pay sales tax.

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