Snowboarding in Africa!

Ive just returned from an amazing 7 day holiday to Afriski in Lesotho. I dont think many people would believe there is a great ski resort with real snow only a few hours drive from Johannesburg!

The resort has a number of wooden cabins, apartments and backpackers lodge to cater for pretty much any size family or group. There were 10 of us and rented one of the largest cabins for 5 nights.

There is also a restuarant and cafe / pub that comes to life after the sun goes down.

They have 1 beginner training slope for ski’ers, an intermediate slope for beginner snowboarders and then their main 1km slope. They also create snow most nights, so during the winter months, even when it hasn’t been snowing, you can almost be assured of being able to snowboard and ski.

It took me about 2 days to learn to snowboard whereby I’m now totally comfortable going down the big slope and had the confidence to try new things. After the first days lessons I was so bleak. I couldnt seem to get anything right, my body was aching and I was so upset that I had spent all this money to get to Afriski and that I’d be there for a couple more days and couldn’t stand up on the snowboard! A good nights sleep and me dreaming about snowboarding seemed to fix that. It’s amazing what the sub-conscious can do.

I highly recommend anyone that is planning an overseas snowboarding holiday to hit Afriski first to get your snow legs and then head off to Austria, Switzerland and the likes.

C’mon McDonalds, tell the US Government to go make their own happy meal!

I just read “The ‘New’ McDonald’s Happy Meals: Apple Slices in the Trash?” and how McDonalds in the US is reducing the number of fries in its Happy Meals and replacing them with a couple of apple slices all because of pressure from government to get McDonalds to serve healthier food.

The US have a huge obesity problem, but since when is its McDonalds fault? Sure they sell the food, but who pays for that processed burger, deep fried chips and fizzy drink? Parents! Kids are taken to McDonalds by their folks who order and pay for the unhealthy food.

So explain to me why McDonalds bows down to the US government when they tell them to make their food healthier? They are a private company creating thousands of jobs. Imagine McDonalds turned around and told the US government they were replacing 90% of their staff force with an assembly line that now automatically makes all their meals?

Start educating parents on how to feed their kids better, get them to exercise more and generally look after their kids heath, rather than changing an ingredient or 2 at McDonalds. By attacking and getting McDonalds to make these tiny changes, they sending out the message that its ok to eat their Happy Meals.

It’s never ok to eat at McDonalds if you are obese!