I am co-founder of Firing Squad, a web design & development agency and HumanWrit.es a social innovation startup.

Firing Squad’s history starts way back in 2008. As my after hours freelance work became too much to handle, I started working full time on building a business and eventually partnered up with Adrian Myburgh and launched Whitespace in 2010. After Richard Mulholland’s guy crush on myself and Adrian after starting HumanWrit.es together, Whitespace became Firing Squad and now has a 3rd business partner in Rich. We form part of the Cultovation group of companies comprising of Missing Link, 21Tanks, Firing Squad, HumanWrit.es and TapTap water.

HumanWrit.es, my second business venture I co-founded with Adrian and Richard Mulholland, launched on the 1 June 2012. HumanWrit.es sells a 192 page, square, hard cover notebook called a Writable, that for every Writable sold, a classroom of 10 kids receive Xhosa/English workbooks.

I’ve been named as one of 300 young South Africans to take to lunch by the Mail & Guardian, spoken at a number of conferences and held workshops on social media, blogging and online marketing.

I Love

  • Karina, my beautiful wife.
  • My unborn daughter. Arrives 2nd September 2013!
  • All things web. And I mean everything. If it’s online, I want to know about, visit and use it.
  • Apple – I own a Macbook Pro, iPhone 4S and an iPad.
  • Chelsea, Ferrari, Western Province and all our national teams. I’m also a huge English soccer fan.
  • Good food, wine, whiskey and friends.
  • To travel. Both Karina and I are forever talking about our next overseas holiday destination.

I dislike

  • Old school corporates. I don’t want to work in a cubicle farm on some legacy website or application where I must come dressed in a suit just to impress my CRT monitor.
  • Weird vegetables like cauliflower, brussel sprouts and any form of beans.
  • Spammers, pyramid schemes and get rich quick people.
  • Fixing hardware and networking problems. I want to work on a PC, not in one.