About Me

I am co-founder of Firing Squad, a digital commerce company and HumanWrit.es a social innovation startup.

Firing Squad’s history starts way back in 2008. As my after-hours freelance work became too much to handle, I started working full time on building a business and eventually partnered up with Adrian Myburgh and launched Whitespace in 2010. After Richard Mulholland’s guy crush on myself and Adrian after starting HumanWrit.es together, Whitespace became Firing Squad and now has a 3rd business partner in Rich. We form part of the Cultovation group of companies comprising of Missing Link, Firing Squad, HumanWrit.es and TapTap water.

HumanWrit.es, my second business venture I co-founded with Adrian and Richard Mulholland, launched on the 1 June 2012. HumanWrit.es sells a 192 page, square, hard cover notebook called a Writable, that for every Writable sold, a classroom of kids receive story books. We have sold over 5000 Writables to date and donated over 40 000 story books to kids in need.

Husband to Karina and dad to Eva. We live in Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa.

I also write over at medium.com.

Jason Bagley


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    1. Even though the weather looked grotty, it looks like they had a lot of fun! So much to keep them occupied and entertained indoors. We really are lucky with TV and the likes for days like this, although I am thankful we don’t have too many of those here in SA. Great post!

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