Google Reader just doesn’t do it for me

Google Reader vs Bloglines About 10 days ago I decided to give Google Reader a full go as my RSS reader of choice. I’ve been using Bloglines for way over 2 years now, and have seen many people convert to Google Reader over the past few months.

So, I marked everything as read in Bloglines, exported the OPML file, and imported it into Google Reader. This process was pretty seamless. The only thing that bugged me was the order my feeds are listed in Bloglines is not the same in Google Reader. I’m guessing OPML does not support ordering of feeds, but this was a minor issue.

The main differences between the 2 is that when reading a feed in Google Reader, it literally feels never ending. As you continue to scroll the feed, Google Reader keeps on loading more and more posts, thus for high content feeds such as Techcrunch, you never know when you have reached the end of the un-reads without having to glance around the interface to find the number of unread posts left.

You do have the option of viewing just the updated feeds, which eliminates this problem, but then I don’t get to see a list of all my feeds in the left column.

Then there is the marking a post as read. In Bloglines, once I have clicked on a feed to view, it assumes that I will scroll down all the posts and “read” them, so it automatically marks the entire feed as read. In Google Reader, you have to literally scroll through or click on a post to mark it as read. Time consuming!

Mark all as read

I have a feeling that because of the above way Google marks feeds as read, its why people make use of the mark all feeds as read in Google. Its just too much clicking to quickly skim say 100 unread posts, where in Bloglines, I can just mark those high volume feeds as read by simply clicking on them once.


Apart from Bloglines also showing the favicon of each of my feeds (which adds to a sexier interface), Bloglines uses far fewer mouse movements, clicks and time to read my RSS feeds. In a world where time is money, I can quickly get to all my feeds far quicker in Bloglines than in Google Reader. Yes, I really wish Bloglines had Trends and the ability to share posts with friends like Google Reader does, but these 2 features are not enough to keep me coming back.

So, I’m sticking to Bloglines and I’m glad that this debate in my head is well and truly over! (I am glad that for once that I am able to choose a product over Google!)

Looking for SA blogs to nominate for the SA Blog Awards?

I was busy rounding up my nominations for the 2008 SA Blog Awards and realised that there are actually a quite a number of categories! 27 to be exact. So what I thought I’d do in the spirit of blogging is direct you to a few SA blogs that you might not know and therefore could nominate if you feel they deserve it!

Looking at this list, it’s pretty difficult to find blogs for each and every category. But don’t worry, the power of the masses will fill the categories and we will find some real gems to vote for.

So, run off to and nominate! You have until Friday 22nd of February. Oh, and while you at it, try and maybe find a spot for me. ;-) Maybe best undiscovered blog?

Update: Seems that whenever you make a list of blogs, there are always people you will miss! ;-) I was going to list Mr. imod, but considering his traffic, he will get tons of nominations (Along with mine…) anyway! Oh, and sorry that I left your blogs out Charl. Heres a special list just for you.

Did I forget any that you want nominated? ;-)

And here are a few more that commented that would like to be in the list:

Thats enough now. If you want a nomination from my readers, you are welcome to post a comment and punt yourself. I have already submitted my nominations. :-)

Tag, I’m it. 8 things you probably didnt know about me.

I’m not one for doing these meme’s, but I’ll do it just so that I can tag Chris. ;-) I was tagged by Darren Gorton.

  1. I actually own and run 7 blogs.
  2. I currently have my own room in my fiance’s parents house. (This obviously will all change as of point no.3)
  3. I got engaged on the 27th of November 2007, and am currently planning a pretty big Portuguese wedding for the 6th of December.
  4. I used to support Manchester United until the end of 1999. What an idiot I was.
  5. I was given a genuine leather Ferrari keyring by my parents for my 20th birthday. It is sitting in its original box in my drawer and will bear the key of my first Ferrari.
  6. For my 21st birthday, I was taken for a test drive in a Ferrari 360 Modena at Vigletti Motors in Cape Town.
  7. The biggest prize I ever won, was a R10 000 shopping spree by FHM. I blew it in about 2 hours in Canal Walk

If you didn’t know by now, seven is the new 8. Chris, it is now officially your turn.

The Bloggerati aftermath

I thoroughly enjoyed the Bloggerati Cape Town get together last night at Long Street Cafe. Even though the hosts of the evening, Vince and Matthew were fashionably late, the vibe was really good. I have never been to any of the 27 or Geek Dinners before, so being the total noob, I didn’t really know what to expect.

Its pretty strange having people actually recognise you from the online world in real life. I don’t have a massive presence online (but that is changing boys!), but I think Charl said it best “its the avatar on twitter man!”

The first person to say hello to me was Rafiq. We chatted briefly as the evening got going. He really is an awesome guy, but one thing I cannot understand how he only sleeps like 1 hour a day? Well I guess when you wwworking, who has time to sleep, hey Rafiq? :-)

I also met Foxinni for the first time. Funny thing was he introduced himself as Malan, and the first few hours I kept thinking “whats this oke’s claim to fame?”. I mean he was rolling with “the Norman” so I guessed he must do something interesting. Only later did I hear his nickname: Foxinni! That put everything thing into perspective. Great oke, and one damn great designer. ;-)

Mr. Imod, Chris Mills was there pretty early. It was also good to meet him, as we have run into each other a number of times online, but never off. We had some really interesting conversations from domain spammingbuying to Facebook. He was with Rox, from Rox in the City fame, now Roxilla. (Yes Rox, you are pretty famous! Not many female bloggers out there). Her actual claim to fame I rate, is she organised the very first geek dinner way back in 2005!

Vinny rolled in (with his BMW M3 might I add ;-) ) which was cool. He is a real jet-setter, so to see him make some time to come have a chat with us bloggers was neat. He bought everyone that looked thirsty a few drinks, so thanks for that Vinny!

As the night rolled on and people left, I was eventually found sitting at a table with Charl, Foxinni, Vince and Matthew. It was great to chat to the okes behind the Mail & Gardian netsites (Ya, “Bolton”). I have been a big fan of their work from Amatomu, M&G photos to Amagama and Thought Leader. I know a few people online don’t really get along with Vince, but I dig guys that give just as much as they get. Matthew is a really down to earth guy and we had a interesting chat on PHP versus dot Net and the likes.

Some notable others that I met where Tristan and Rowan from, Brandon Golding that probably took like 3500 photos or something, Chris from Stormhoek that supplied some very good wine and Henk from Skyrove – who popped me some free Skyrove credits. Shot!

2 things that I will have to clear up before the next meetup

  1. Be able to sum myself up in like 1 sentence. Vince put me on the spot, so next time, I will be ready! ;-)
  2. Sort out this whole debate with regards to the web and desktop. My passion totally lies with the Web, and currently I am learning dot Net from a desktop app perspective, moving towards the web. I already know PHP pretty well, so I am just adding more tools to my toolbox! – so this one sorted, yes? ;-)

It was a great evening with some great company and interesting conversations. I’ll definitely make the trip from the Strand again for sure!

My RSS reader count doubled in 1 day!

So you see, creating goals for myself does work! I have already achieved number 3 on my goals for 2008 list!

Increase readership on to over 150 RSS readers.

Well, not quite. :-( I have seen a number of bloggers post about this phenomenon of their Feedburner chicklet showing hundreds, if not thousands of new readers in 1 day. I checked some of my other blogs, and none of them were affected except this one. The reason has to do with Feedblitz. (Only this blog uses Feedblitz for its RSS to email. My other blogs use Feedburner exclusively.)

Anyway, here is a screenshot just so that I can say I achieved one of my goals very early on in 2008. ;-) (Although I’m not going to tick it off my list just yet. hehe!)

Feedburner Chicklet

Feedburner Stats