I’m sure everyone has heard of the saying “change is as good as a holiday“. People are naturally creatures of habit so change is inevitability met with much resistance. However, some people do adapt better to change than others and once you realise that change is not always a bad thing, you’ll be more open to it and as the saying goes, it really is as good as a holiday.


I for one enjoy change. I might not be the one to initiate it all the time, but I do always try to find the positive in situations that have changed. For one, Karina and I are busy planning to move to Cape Town for a year. To us, that’s massive change. Change in scenery, change in lifestyle, change in our social life, change in our work schedule and change just for the sake of trying something new! It’s scary yet exciting all at once.

So, if you feeling a little down or uninspired, try changing something in your life. Even the most basic of changes could brighten things up. Try joining the gym, moving your furniture around, change your working hours (if possible), organise more braai’s and dinners with your friends or buy some new clothes. Its the little things in life that sometimes bring us the most joy.

5 thoughts on “Change”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I’m making changes my side too, at the end of Feb I’ll be moving from the CBD back to Rondebosch, from industrial to residentual, I actually can’t wait.

    You’ll love living in Cape Town, perhaps a bit noisier and busier, but you do get used to it. Where abouts you planning on staying?

  2. Yeah we moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town because of exactly that. We were unispired going from day to day, stuck in traffic for almost 4 hours daily. The move down here though has been the most stressfull time’s of our lives. Trying to find a place to buy (let alone rent) on the Atlantic Sea board has been an absolute mission to say the least. All that being said, I’m absolutely loving Cape Town and I can’t believe I never thought about coming down before. It takes me 10 minutes to get to work which I’m absolutely loving. I can reccomend a change of scenery to anyone in a rut.

  3. @Chris M, we trying to find places on the Atlantic Seaboard, but there are a few flats we have been scoping out in the Gardens area too. Something central.

    @Wezz, a move across the country can definitely be quite stressful! That’s moving completely out of ones comfort zone. Glad to hear you enjoying CT though!

  4. wish I could move down to the Cape, but obviously taking my wife away from her family is not fair. *sigh* you lucky people down there :P

  5. @StevenMcD, Yeah, family plays a big part when it comes to moving. We are moving away from my wife’s family, but only 30-40 minutes down the road, so its not on the other side of the country!

    When you have kids, it does play an even bigger role. Hopefully in the future you will get the chance to move down here. I’m sure you’ll love it.

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