How to get Netflix working in South Africa

NetflixFirstly, what is Netflix? Netflix is a video streaming service in the US that for a monthly fee, allows you to watch unlimited movies and tv series. The service costs $7.99 which is around R60 a month. That’s 3 DVD’s from your local video store.

The problem we have with Netflix is you have to be located in the US to use the service. In order to get Netflix to work here in South Africa, we need to actually browse and use Netflix via a server that is physically located in the US. Sound complicated? Not really. Enter the VPN (Virtual Private Network).

One thing about all of this is both Netflix and the VPN you are going to use have trial accounts. Netflix offers a 1 month free trial and the VPN has a 7 day money back guarantee. So try it out and if it doesn’t work properly or you can’t see yourself using it, cancel it all without spending any money.

How to setup a Netflix account from South Africa

To set this up, you’ll need a valid US mailing address and a Credit Card. They run automatic checks on the address to make sure its a deliverable address. Use Fake Name Generator to grab a Zip Code and State, then find the exact address of a post office in the US using USPS. Post being delivered to a post office is definitely going to work. :)

Enter your Credit Card details and your Netflix account should be good to go! (There is a Paypal option, but you most probably have a South African Paypal account, which won’t work.)

Using a VPN to access Netflix from South Africa

You going to need to sign up for a StrongVPN account. They have a number of packages and payment plans, so choose the one that suits you best. (Choose the cheapest!) I signed up for the Lite PPTP 3 month account ($21). Once you have your account setup, read StrongVPN’s How-to guide to getting your different machines or devices setup. If you having problems with setting up the VPN connection, use their live chat feature. They available for support 24 hours a day!

Download the Netflix app (iTunes link) for your iPhone and iPad in order to browse and watch movies from these devices. To connect your iPhone or iPad to your TV to watch movies, either get yourself a set of AVI or HDMi cables to connect to your TV or if you plan on getting an Apple TV, Airplay will allow you to tap a button and start watching the movie on your TV!

You can also watch movies via your web browser that has Microsoft Silverlight support. (For Mac, only Firefox and Safari has Silverlight support. Windows has support for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.)

Some tips and observations

1: I’ve managed to watch movies via my Macbook and iPhone. With iOS 4.3 coming out, Airplay will be available to 3rd party apps. What this means is with an Apple TV (mine is on its way from the UK) I’ll be able to just tap a button on the Netflix iPhone app (if they implement the new feature) and stream movies on my TV!

2: Apple TV and my XBox 360 have Netflix integrated into them, the problem is you cannot setup a VPN connection directly on these devices. So other than hacking your router to use the VPN directly, I can’t see any other way to get the native Netflix app on the Apple TV or XBox 360 to work here in SA. But with an iPhone, you’ll be able to use Airplay to view movies on your Apple TV via Netflix!

3: When you are connected via the VPN, your browsing experience is slower (Speeds seem to vary though). You literally only need the VPN to bypass the location checking of Netflix, so once a movie gets past connecting to the Netflix server and is checking your connection speed, turn off the VPN. You’ll be watching movies in the same time as it takes Youtube to load on your connection. I also found that I only had to do this once and every subsequent movie I tried, I never had to be on the VPN to get it to work.

4: I’m still learning all the tricks of how to get all my devices working. Initially I couldn’t get any movie playing on my iPad (it would just say loading and never play), but I tried it again this morning and it’s working!

5: You can’t really start watching a movie on your iPad and then turn off the VPN. The app doesn’t have proper multi-tasking, so it cuts out and starts the movie from the beginning and does their location checks again. I did however find that once I started watching a movie on my iPhone, turned off the VPN and then started browsing other movies, the movies just worked!

6: I also managed to get Netflix to work using the Boxee app you can download for your Mac or PC. I’m not sure if it will work if you have the actual Boxee device, as it will need the ability to setup a VPN connection.

84 thoughts on “How to get Netflix working in South Africa”

  1. I am guessing that unlike PayPal and iTunes, Netflix does not do a country validation on your credit card number. Your credit card is a local one?

  2. Hi Jason. A cheaper way of achieving the VPN connection is to use the multi-platform Vidalia app from Tor Project ( which gives you access to fee proxies world wide. I use this to validate my UK Spotify account once a month. There are a number of ‘How-to’ guides out there for example Have tried to get BBC iPlayer working with this method but this requires consistent connection via the proxy so is very slow and the iPlayer download app is Adobe AIR based which I have found tricky to direct to a proxy address.
    Have fun!!

  3. @Michael, I used my SA Credit Card for Netflix.

    @Mark, I’ll check that out and see if I can get that to work! I have read though that Netflix is a little more clever than using a proxy to mask where you coming from.

  4. “With iOS 4.3 coming out, Airplay will be available to 3rd party apps. What this means is with an Apple TV (mine is on its way from the UK) I’ll be able to just tap a button on the Netflix iPhone app (if they implement the new feature) and stream movies on my TV!”

    That’s where it’s at!

    What does an Apple TV cost if you don’t mind?

    At the rate this is going, it’ll be worth killing my DSTV subscription and rather just investing in an Apple TV and Netflix account!

  5. @Chris Apple TV is $100 from US, 100 pounds from UK and about R1600 from some online shops in SA that have imported them.

    The new Apple TV won’t come to SA through Core because we can’t rent movies via SA iTunes account.

  6. @Jason – R1600, what size is that? I think I must do some more research around these TVs, because R1600 is peanuts?

    Ye, figured that, stoopid SA laws and nonsense :(

  7. Interesting approach.

    I wanted to watch TV shows on CBS and other US sites using Windows Media Center. I got TOR up and running on my machine and through playing with the config could tell it to only “break out” of the TOR network from a US location. This worked like a charm and now it’s time to try it with Netflix too!

  8. @Jason – Ye, sorry, when I said size, I was meaning screen size not HDD size, and now that I think about it, it’s just a device that connects to the TV :)

  9. A fixed monthly fee for all you can eat media is definitely the future.

    In fact we’re pretty close with Netflix’s $7.99 subscription for all the movies you want and with unlimited music downloads on the Nokia Ovi store on a new cellphone contract.

    I will happily say goodbye to DVD stores (booking movies? how last century) and the late fees associated with them.

    (Also loving in the post how 9/10 sentences finish with an exclamation mark! as well as a few smilies sneaking in there)

    Keep it up big man

  10. @Nick. I’m going to give Netflix over Tor a try in the next day or two. Didn’t know how to register a Netflix account until now. Will report back with the details. As I said, I’ve done this for TV streaming and it is slower, but with 4Mbit ADSL and buffering, it’s workable!

    Truth is, none of these solutions beat hitting the news servers!! :)

    (Gratuitus usage of exclamations and smileys for Jason.)

  11. @Jason: Great, thanks mate.

    I use Grooveshark on a regular basis, and Apple hasn’t approved an iOS app as yet. I know there’s a Grooveshark app for jailbroken iOS devices though.

    Not too keen on jailbreaking, and heard it’s not really worth it.

  12. Hy Jason whats the quality like considering our slow internet speeds? And would sharing your internet connection from your PC with your xbox 360 or Apple TV allow you to stream via these devices?

    1. @Grant – I haven’t yet watched Netflix through my TV, so can’t really tell what the quality will be like, but through my laptop, it seems fine.

      You won’t be able to stream Netflix using your XBox, but can use the Apple TV using airplay.

  13. Hey Jason,

    Thanks for the great site-it really helped with setting up my ipad!

    I was wondering if you could get existing movies you have on you laptop onto your ipad? Do I need a specific program or App to do this?

  14. @Matt: Until recently, you could copy content (iTunes friendly or not!) onto your iPad/iPhone using VLC, but apparently the app has since been removed.

    I suggest an app called AirVideo: It sets up a WiFi connection to your Mac/PC and allows you to stream any video from a designated folder on your Mac. Unsupported filetypes are converted on the fly & works great on my iPhone. Can’t speak for iPad as I’m not lucky enough to have one.

    Doesn’t strictly meet your requirements to copy video onto your iPad, but I think this is a sleaker solution & saves you HDD space on your iPad.

  15. Seriously? Figuring out that you can use a US-based VPN, and a fake address to use US-only services is hardly groundbreaking. Some of us have been doing this for ages to use Pandora and Hulu, for example, or BBC’s iPlayer with a UK-based VPN.

    The problem here, though, is that, apart from the usual terms-of-service breaches, you’re using your South African credit card along with a fake billing address / zip-code. You do know this constitutes fraud, right?

    Pretty stupid, if you ask me.

  16. Finally did some research on the Apple TV and it seems like a slick device, definitely worth happening if you’re a gadget freak. I must admit, the thought of streaming video like that is darn useful.

    For me, it seems more sense to buy an airport and stream from macbook to airport to AV receiver to TV, but that’s just because most of my movies and series are on my Mbp.

    I’ll need to go look at Netflix and connectivity to South Africa before I go that route.

    1. @Chris M, I must still write a post about my Apple TV and how awesome it works, so stay tuned for that. Regarding Netflix, after using it for a couple of days, I’ve realised it’s not worth it. Rather rent movies and series off iTunes instead of streaming stuff of Netflix.

    1. @Afzal – copy your movies into iTunes on your PC or mac and then plug your iPad into your machine and sync it with iTunes. If you struggling to get your movies into iTunes, you going to need to convert them into MP4 format. Just Google for converters (Handbrake comes to mind) and off you go!

  17. @Jason –

    Just to assist those like yourself who have a US based Xbox Live account and therefore have access to the Netflix application on Xbox 360.

    You mention not knowing an easy way of getting Netflix to work on your Xbox without hacking your router. While this is an option (StrongVPN have a list of Linksys routers that they support), the cheaper option is to use ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). I’m a Linux & Mac user and have StrongVPN configured on both my Linux laptop and Mac Pro. If you enable ICS on either of these machines and connect to the StrongVPN you are able to connect your Xbox to the machines that have ICS enabled then you can use your Netflix application as per usual.

    An example as follows:

    Linux Machine – Enable ICS on the Lan Port.
    Connect your Xbox to your Linux machine via an Ethernet Port.
    Connect your Linux machine to your wireless adsl router or whatever provides your internet connection.
    Once connection has been established to the internet enable your Strong VPN on your linux machine.
    Open the Netflix application on your Xbox and choose your video.
    Once video starts playing disable StrongVPN on the Linux machine to get better bandwidth and better video quality from Netflix.

    Like you mentioned above you can turn off the StrongVPN connection once the video starts playing and the download speed will increase. So if you start the movie and the video quality is not great, turn off the VPN & just hang in there for a couple minutes, Netflix will recognize that your bandwidth quality has improved and adjust the video quality accordingly.

    On a bit of a different subject regarding Itunes US Account, (sorry im too lazy to go to the post), but recently Apple have implemented strict checks on physical address so much so that using an abbreviation on your fake US apple account such as St. instead of Street or Ave. instead of Avenue etc. can result in Apple rejecting your address. The only way past this is to make sure that the address is in fact legit it can no longer be fake and to omit using abbreviations.

    I hope this helps those looking to use Netflix and full Apple Store in SA.


  18. I have a great setup for watching my movie files on an iPad. Connect a usb drive to an airport extreme router. Make sure that the dtive is mac formatted. Then use the FileBrowser App on the iPad to connect to the drive. Any .mov or .mp4 or .m4v file will then stream to the iPad and will be watchable immediately. No synching with iTunes! My computer broke recently, but this scheme, once you’ve loaded the files on your drive, does not depend on one. The Airport Extreme base station uses *much* less electricity than a pc or notebook and I keep it available all the time. You really do not need to keep any movies on the iPad.

  19. Hi Jason,

    Very interesting, although SAMSUNG has just brought out their SMAT TV , which apparently accesses Hulu Plus, Netflix & Blockbuster directly from your TV. Any comments?

    1. That Samsung TV won’t work with any of those streaming services here in SA. There are tons of licensing issues around it all, thats why Netflix only works in the US and also the reason why you can’t buy music from the SA iTunes store.

  20. Jason, you’re a legend dude.

    Just got the setup working – albeit with an old Linksys WRT54G (with dd-wrt) on my home network. Plugged my Apple TV into Linksys – so can use Netflix directly from Apple TV.

    Advantage of this setup is that I can segment a “part” of my network to use StrongVPN. Just need to set up routing to allow AppleTV to see other devices on my network to access the iTunes library.

    Was incredible – watched a full movie last night – no buffering issue at all.

  21. @ Jason and Rennay

    Man is blog is a great help!!

    Got mac book and ipad working in netflix but there is no air play??
    What am i doing wrong?

    Apple tv is not working because, i take it it’s because i have a belkin router. Does this mean i must look around for for a dd-wrt router?


    1. The Netflix app doesn’t support airplay (not sure if or when they will support it?). So for now you definitely going to have to sort out your router to connect directly via your VPN which will then allow you to use Netflix directly on your Apple TV.

  22. Hi there , reading your posts is quite interesting , though all of this sounds greek to me , can you advise if Netflix will work with a Playstation 3 , or I recently seen an external media player that has Netflix pre-loaded ? i just order a 4mbps Uncapped line ..

  23. @Ameer, you can use Netflix on your PS3. However, you will need to set up a router with StrongVPN. Follow Jason’s instructions (above) about how to set up a StrongVPN account – then follow the instructions about how to set up dd-wrt on your router (

    So, once you get your ADSL line, your ADSL modem will connect you to the internet. Your router with dd-wrt will connect to the ADSL modem and establish the VPN connection. Your PS3 will then plug into the router and use the VPN connection.

  24. hi guys, I have just bought a new samsung D8000 smart tv. I live in australia and want to watch some uk channels bbc iplayer etc. Is there any possible way of me being able to do this on my smart tv? I know I cant download vpn’s on it but someone mentioned going through a router? Its all a bit confusing, is there anyone out there with a bit of patience that would like to see if they can help me pleaseeeee??

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  26. Great post!
    I’ve been using this solution for the last year, but had to figure out all of these things myself, and that was a bit difficult.
    I’ll be sure to send this link around to all of my mates.

    Heads up – when I started using strongvpn it used to work with Hulu, and that was actually my primary reason for getting it, but it has since stopped working with that service.

  27. Hi Snakey75 –

    One option is to get an iTunes US Voucher (from a provider like maximus-cards), create an new Apple ID using the voucher as your payment option – which will help you skip the requirement for a US credit card.

    Then, you can access the US iTunes store with your new Apple ID and get any app/content from the US store.

  28. I thought I was a bit smart technologically but this is a new language to me (Networking etc). Bought my Apple TV in Atlanta last month with high expectations only to be disappointed my SA iTunes account can’t do pretty much. Setup I have is iPad 2, iPhone 4s, 3Gs, Apple TV, Macpro & MacBook Pro all in Home Sharing. That’s the only cool function I can use, but I want more…I want to be able to rent these movies & tv shows on apple tv, but all I can do,is to watch the trailers 😡. Am on Tëlköm Simple package and know nothing about VPN’s etc…pls help

  29. Hi, I think I might be retarded, but every thime I try to click the “I have a US mailing address” icon it takes to me the homepage where I am advised the Netlfix is still not in my country…yet.

    Am I missing something?

  30. Hi, have you got this working through an Apple Tv or PS3 in southafrica. i have it working on my seems its a mission setting it up on on a netgear router

  31. I’ve finally managed to get the whole shebang set up, but whenever I try to download the Netflix app I’m told my request cannot be completed. Anybody know what I’m doing wrong?

  32. How do I get the Netflix to play on my tv from my iPad or iPhone? I have the apple tv but I can’t seem to push the Netflix app to the apple TV. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Juliet and Jason, it is possible to stream from iPad to tv, once you are in the Netflix app , all you do is double click the home button, swipe to where the iPod controls are. You will get an option to project it to the tv! It works I hav tried it

      1. That is true Rath! I forgot about the fact you can stream everything from an iPad 2 onto your Apple TV.

        I have an iPad 1, which doesn’t have that functionality. So there you have it Juliet. If you have an iPad 2 or the new iPad, you can then stream any app, including Netflix to your Apple TV.

  33. Hi , will an apple tv bought in the USA work in south Africa as they have different voltage to what we have in SA ?


  34. Hi, Just got my AppleTV 3rd Gen but not totally understanding the VPN bit. Everything setup except netflix. Please help as to next steps.

  35. I have just gone through a expensive process by purchasing the recommended StrongVPN Router (Linksys E3000) and the StrongVPN package of 55 USD and both Netflix and HuluPlus work fine. Worth every penny!

  36. Hi everyone

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    It also changes your ip address free to choose between servers.

    It also unblocks the Skype, Paltalk and everything.

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  37. hi Jason
    great post. am busy registering with strongVPN. just to confirm – you use your SA details here?
    did you perhaps have problems getting payment through?

  38. the problm is that if your internet speed is bad you have a buffer problem. With DSTV only when it rains u have have problem. this thing is expensive as u need a uncapped 2meg line or a data card which cost an arm and leg. Aikona it sound cheap but u can end up with big bills. wait for it to come to the kuntry

  39. thank you so much! i am just visiting SA for 2 weeks but never thought of using my uni’s VPN for this–it appears to be working–let’s hope it helps with jet lag!

  40. I use Unotelly. You set it up on the router and then anything that connects to it can play Netflix. Easily the simplest option and you don’t need to know any technical details to make it keep working..

  41. Thanks for the video article jason. VPN is good if you want to hide your real location. However, about content streaming, I prefer the DNS option. Currently, I am using UnoTelly and have no speed loss which allows me HD streaming with my 10mbps connection.

  42. hi all, please help, i have been running Unotelly on my mac to tv for months now, also have hulu account, just bought Apple TV, can’t get it to work, i have been through all setups Unotelly have to offer, can anyone assist me? Please, i am at my wits end!!

  43. Two years off DSTV now… Netflix and Hulu has become such a part of our house. Also, I prefer paying for content rather than downloading or swapping hard-drives.

    There is also a more plug-and-play solution to get a US of UK IP address going for the not-so-technical market. It’s a simple router (with WiFi) that plugs straight into your ADSL router. No DNS settings, IP refreshes and the like. It’s also nice to have two networks in the house… everyone knows the one is local (for normal internet stuff) and the other one is US (for media).

    Can buy for around R1500. From there service is around Euro 9.00 per month. or I think on too.

  44. Hi Jason

    Thanks for the detailed information.
    I have been using the Apple TV for 3 months and it has been working great, 2 days ago when I want to view a program on Hulu plus as well as Netflix I get a message that I am outside USA (Geo restriction from Hulu and Netflix is not supported from Netflix)
    My Apple TV is set to USA and I have done no changes to any settings, I have restarted the ATV without success, any help will be appreciated.

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