How to make an amazing Nespresso iced coffee at home

I’ve been trying to make a decent iced coffee at home with my Nespresso machine, but everytime I’ve tried, it just doesn’t have the right sweetness or coffee flavour that you find in coffee shops. So after some experimenting and asking a few coffee shops how they do it, I’ve managed to perfect a home-made Nespresso iced coffee!

You’ll need the following:

  • 2 x Nespresso pods
  • dash of milk
  • vanilla syrup
  • ice blocks
  • blender

Make a double espresso and add a dash of milk. The key here is don’t skimp on the double espresso by making a single lungo. There is a reason why iced coffees cost well over R20 in coffee shops. They are all using double espressos!

Add to the double espresso around 20 – 25 ice blocks, 2 or 3 big tablespoons of the vanilla syrup and BLEND!

Pour into a glass, grab 2 straws and enjoy.

Some important tips

The key to the iced coffee is making a double espresso and using a syrup to sweeten. It doesn’t have to be vanilla flavoured syrup, but that does add a really great flavour. You can easily make sugar syrup at home too. Here is a simple sugar syrup recipe. You can store the exces sugar syrup in the fridge for use later.

11 thoughts on “How to make an amazing Nespresso iced coffee at home”

  1. Never seen that recipe! The only problem I see with it is the sweetness factor. Nespresso, cold milk and ice just makes a bitter cold coffee and plain sugar added for flavour doesn’t do a proper job of sweetening the coffee. It literally tastes like a bitter, but sweet coffee.

    For me, the syrup is the killer ingredient. Makes ALL the difference.

  2. Definitely worth it. Have one at home and office.

    I went down the whole research thing about finding a machine to grind beans I could choose etc, but realised quickly that it gets really messy trying to find beans, machines aren’t that reliable etc.

    Nespresso is so simple to use, machine makes amazing coffee and they really look after you in their stores. Free coffee in store, always.

    Limited edition ranges come out every few months too, which gives even more variety.

  3. Jason – ur recipe is brilliant. didn’t have vanilla syrup so used honey. also frothed some chilled sweet cream for topping. delish! Huge nespresso fan too. thx –

  4. Neha, any of the machines are perfect! The coffee is exactly the same from each machine, it’s just a matter of cost, size and a few other things that are different.

  5. Hi Jason, did you try to make ice cubes out of coffee? (Pour the espresso into the ice tray and freeze.)

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