Ideas need to be penned

I’m constantly thinking. When I drive in my car, that’s when I think the most. Some things I think about are interesting, others, a little boring. Its the interesting things I want to talk about here.

I’ve come up with a number of ideas over the past few years that as of right now, I’ve either forgotten, or found the idea to be completely absurd and stupid. The good ideas (well to me anyway) get overwritten in my mind by the next good idea I think up. There is a constant flow of ideas, just not many make it out of my head onto paper and ultimately into reality. That’s what I’m wanting to change as of today. I bought myself a set of Field Notes that I’ll be using for writing those ideas, thoughts and dreams into.

Field Notes by Coudal Partners

Ideas on a piece of paper aren’t very useful unless you do something about them. Either share them with others, toss them away or, my favourite, put them into action. So I’ll make sure I leave a little space at the bottom of each page for some form of an action plan. And actions, they do speak louder than words. Excuse the clique.

5 thoughts on “Ideas need to be penned”

  1. Nice, but I have to say, while I love writing stuff, I prefer using Evernote for rapid idea dumping. And that means I dont have to carry round an extra book. It also helps that Evernote is tagable and searchable…!

  2. @Rich…! I agree that penning ideas in digital is great, I just sometimes feel like I need to get away from my Mac and the net and just write using old school pen and paper!

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