Jason, what’s up with this new design?

Well, all of it! My previous design was put together very quickly, as I really wanted to start blogging. As a capable designer (well I think I am!) there was no way I was going with a free template. So the lime green design was born. It couldn’t display images very well, hated blockquotes and completely forgot about lists. But it worked. It got me a couple of hits a day, and I was happy to be blogging.

After being one of the first people to read and comment on Adam Howell’s post on this idea of a standards based reboot, I immediately knew I wanted to reboot my blog along with the many others that expressed their interest in the idea. Although I missed a whole 2 reboots before actually signing up, the Spring Reboot on the 1st of May seemed like a deadline I might be able to meet. I missed it by a day.

So what’s new and cool, you say

Half the code I used the last time around, was more hand coded links, lists of categories etc. I never delved into the WordPress API much, as I didn’t have time to. This time around, almost everything is generated from template tags. Pages, categories, featured posts. Knowledge is power mate.

Along with pages comes my very first About me, Archives and Contact me pages. I’ve never had any of these before, so these are a first for me. =) (Not that exciting hey?)

One thing that is still in development is my footer. Footers these days seem to be the norm – or the “in-thing”, so purely by peer pressure I’ve created one. I’ll be listing the latest things I’m doing, from books I’m reading, to web projects I’m working on, to sites I’ve visited. It will give you a little more insight into where my interests in life and the web lie.

So where to now?

Not sure really. More regular posting, that’s a definite. WordPress 2.x is so awesome, it almost makes you want to write! So look out for more posts on marketing, web design, web 2.0, me, the internet, sport etc… etc… etc…

See you around.

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