My favourite iPhone accessory – the Olloclip lens

The Olloclip is a tiny 3-in-1 lens that fits onto your iPhone 4/4S and gives you the ability to take macro shots (really really close up photos), wide-angle shots and my favourite, fish-eye pics. It’s not app specific as the Olloclip covers your actual iPhones camera lens, so works great with any camera app.

Tips for taking fish-eye pictures with the Olloclip

It’s pretty easy to take a pic with the Olloclip, but getting a fish-eye pic to look great isn’t that easy. Try and frame your subject in the middle of the pic, as that is where the lens will be at it’s sharpest focus – the outer part of the image will appear slightly out of focus and the edges, blurry.

Crop the image to square, as that removes the outer-most blurry part of the image, unless you want to add the really dramatic fish-eye effect. Sharpen the pic in your app of choice (Snapseed does a great job of that) and off you go!

Taking great fish-eye pics takes a little practise, but once you have the hang of it, you’ll be the marvel of your non-iPhone friends!

Macro shot tips

Macro shots are those really really close up pics you see – eyeballs, blades of grass, water droplets etc. The macro olloclip feature really does take ordinary objects and turns them into the weird and awesome. #20likes on Instagram guaranteed! :)

The only tip I have for this is you’ll be surprised how close you need to get the lens to the object to get the image sharp. You’ll need to take at least 5 pics of the subject to find the one pic that is the sharpest. Look at the ordinary things around you and try take macro shots of them – you’ll be surprised what looks rad through a macro lens!

The wide-angle lens

Apps like Pano and DMD do a great job of stitching panoramic pics together, so for me the wide-angle lens is the least used Olloclip feature for me. It does add quite a number of pixels to the left and right of your image, so to a certain extent its cool, but not as cool as stitching together 2 or 3 pics like Pano does.

Where to buy the Olloclip

You can purchase the Olloclip from ORMS Direct in South Africa for R895.95 or buy it online from for $69.95. I bought mine overseas and took less than 2 weeks to arrive.

Here are some of the pics I’ve taken with my Olloclip lens.

Playing chess - Olloclip fish-eye

ice-cream fish-eye Olloclip

legoman - Olloclip fish-eye

raindrops Olloclip macro lens

friends Olloclip fish-eye

One thought on “My favourite iPhone accessory – the Olloclip lens”

  1. Radess! Been meaning to get round to getting one of these, but alas I haven’t yet.

    The Macro ability is what excites me the most! :) Looking forward to more of your pics!

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