You seen the Property Ninjas hiding?

NinjaCape Realty, a short term luxurious holiday rental company, have come up with quite a brilliant marketing and online strategy in the form of Property Ninjas. Gone are the days of boring video walk-throughs of homes, or taking pictures of the bed, bathrooms and kitchen. Rather get 2 ninjas, suited up in the a black belt, webbed feet and balaclavas to run around the property, showing off all the cool hiding places and where not to walk and jump from!

Launched only a week or so ago, the 2 Property Ninja videos have already amassed over 200 views together. Definitely some quality comedy and action all rolled into one. Below is episode 2 – one hot lady on the beach as well as some tea drinking going on. What will these ninjas get up to next?

So join the Property Ninja Facebook fan page or follow them on twitter here. From what I’ve heard, (translated from Japanese of course) when they reach 100 fans on Facebook, they will release the 3rd installment of their ninja adventures. So what you waiting for?

Cape Realty is a client of World Wide Creative, who I do work for. So yeah, this is a disclaimer. :)

My talk at Creative Cape Town Clusters

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I did a 10 minute talk on creativity in social media at the Creative Cape Town Clusters. Creative Cape Town took a video of all the presentations and you can catch mine embedded below:

(Watch it directly on Youtube here)

One thing I really have to get better at is not saying “um” so many times! Also, go and read Mike Stopforth’s 5 tips for becoming a better presenter. Some invaluable advise that I’ll definitely learn from going forward.

Update: The video is back up!

Beanbag Media launches

On Tuesday evening at a extremely well attended Creative Cape Town Clusters event in the City Town Hall, I officially launched the Creative Cape Town’s website –


Creative Cape Town has a very strong Social Media presence and all of their different platforms have been incorporated into the site, along with their custom developed Google maps and information about all the different initiatives they are involved in. The design is clean, yet striking with the use of bold typefaces for headings. I especially like the header with the 60’s polka-dot look. :)

I also had the privilege of doing a 10 minute presentation to the roughly 150 attendees at the Clusters meetup. I wrapped up the launch of the website as well as spoke on Creativity in Social Media and had the audience in stitches as I presented case studies on the Burger King Whopper sacrifice (remove 10 of your FB friends for a burger) and the videos. The networking oppurtunities at events like this are astounding, so I highly recommend attending the next event in November. Not to mention the amazing Woolworths platters and drinks that are sponsored.

Along with the Creative Cape Town website, I’ve also put up a splash page for Beanbag Media while I’m filling the portfolio with some amazing projects – more about these as and when they launch.

Pics from my photography course

So last week Monday was the start of my photography course at Vega’s college of photography. The first lesson was pretty much a “get to know your camera” session. I learnt about how to setup all the different functions, change apertures, shutter speed, auto & manual focus, ISO settings, light metering and others.

We also have 2 photo assignments. The first was a light meter reading exercise taking photos under different conditions – shade, sun, dark background, light backgrounds etc. The 2nd assignment was a lot more fun – night time exposure photography. Choose 4 different settings, use an aperture of F8 and take 6 pics with different shutter speeds – 1 second, 2s, 4s, 8s, 15s and 30s. Here are a couple of the pics I took.

light trails on the N2

lights across False Bay

Strand beachfront apartments

Cross on the wall

The biggest thing I’ve realised is composition is the one of the most important aspects of photography. Just looking at an object from another angle changes a dull and boring image to something magnificent and thought provoking. I’m sure that you can see from the above images, this is something I’ll need to work on. :)

We have an entire module dedicated to composition, which I’m probably looking forward to the most!

My weekend away to Paternoster

I had a fantastic weekend away to Paternoster with my family. This post isn’t about the weekend away, but more about my new camera I bought, the Nikon D5000.

Morning mist

My wife bought me a professional photography course at Vega for my birthday and you need a DSLR camera in order to get the most out of the course, so after weeks of research on both Canon and Nikon cameras, I settled for the Nikon D5000.

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