Check out our football video show

Just a quick heads up that Mike (from World Wide Creative) and I shot the pilot episode of our unnamed football video show!

Check it out below and please let me know what you think. (For all my RSS and Email subscribers, click through to my blog to watch the video below)

BTW, we also made it to the featured video of the homepage – so we must be doing something right!

I need some credit card advice

I dig credit cards. It’s the only way I get to screw the banks over on a daily basis. Use their money every day and only pay it back to them after 55 days all the while my money sits earning interest. :)

I currently have an ABSA credit card and Virgin Money credit card. I use the ABSA card almost daily with the Virgin Money card only being used for its decent interest rate it offers on positive balances. I do find though that buying big ticket items with the Virgin card don’t seem to run smoothly. There is always telephonic verifications in store and online it’s a total fail.

The ABSA card on the other hand, I believe for the amount of money I spend on it on a monthly basis, I should be earning some sort of rewards. They recently changed rewards programs, which meant all my “points” accumulated over the last few years have been lost and I now have to start all over again – oh, and sign up to a R20 a month membership to belong to it. So instead of switching rewards programs, I’m switching cards.

I need some help. I’m looking for a card that doesn’t have that large a annual / monthly fee that also has a rewards program (that is actually useful!) attached to it. Another thing is a low international transaction fee as well as internet / mobile banking.

Any suggestions?

Update on 2009’s New Year resolutions

Who actually even posts updates to their New Year resolutions? I would never have even considered doing this lame exercise if only when I look back at that post I did in January, that I’ve pretty much accomplished, or have already made plans to accomplish all the goals on the list!

Here is the list from that post – now updated.

  • Travel overseas with Karina to watch Chelsea play at Stamford Bridge – Not this year, but we are off to South East Asia in December!
  • Take a photography course – present for my birthday from Karina! Starts in August, so just need to purchase a DSLR camera now.
  • Go camping at least twice – 1 down, 1 to go. I’m sure in Summer I’ll plan another camping trip
  • Lose some weight – 13kg’s to be exact. Eating properly. Who would of thought.
  • Setup a blogging schedule for my blogs – Tried and will try again. Added to my todo list again.
  • Increase my passive income – goes hand in hand with the above point. Small increase, but not substantial enough
  • Grow a small vegetable garden – screw this idea. I’ve realised I hate gardening.
  • Buy an iPhone – July is upgrade month and what’s Vodacom bringing out in July? Yeah, iPhone 3GS.
  • Start a small e-commerce business selling something simple yet effective. – a bit of pie in the sky at the moment.
  • Learn to say No – have turned away work that I would of not wanted to do, so seems I’m winning this one!
  • Start charging those people that take advantage of my free help. – this is more of a statement than something concrete. I love helping people, so maybe I’ll never win this battle.

Not bad don’t you think? If you did a New Years resolution post, how is it going? You might just be surprised how well you have done!

Facebook page vs Facebook group – quick case study

One of Beanbag Media’s new clients, Creative Cape Town, have been running a Facebook group for a couple of months. The group managed to rally just over 600 members in the couple of months it has been up and running. After a quick strat meeting the other day, I suggested to CCT that they move over to a Facebook page as it offers more flexibility and updates to the page are pulled into it’s fans stream so they can more easily interact and see what’s happening within Creative Cape Town.

2 weeks after migrating, the Creative Cape Town Facebook fan page has over 1200 members and the interaction on the page has been way better than the group ever saw.

Facebook groups are dead. Create a fan page. End of story.