The 2nd episode of our football blog is live!

After quite a successful pilot episode where we managed to muster around 250 views, we shot the 2nd episode where Mike and I talk about Manchester City once again, David Beckham and a must see football movie currently airing on DSTV. Along with our usual football banter, we are giving away a box of Kika-Sacks! So please watch the video below and let us know what you think!

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Webmail and Interface IT are a bunch of scammers

I think we all pretty much know that Webmail and the holding company Interface IT are genuine spammers much the same as Ananzi and Braby’s. I got this email from a reader that got scammed by Webmail to send out 100 000 emails that would generate a 30% – 40% response rate. This “direct mail” package costs her R30 000. Read the email below and please let me know what you think!


I have a small company and was approached by Webmail’s Sales Director (Gregg van Notten) who sold me on a Direct Mail package. 100,000 of my target market (who have ‘signed’ up for such things – NOT!!) and I would have a 30-40% response rate. I stressed that I wouldn’t spam anybody and he assured me that there was no spamming. I was told to gear up for a massive response and ordered over R200k worth of product to gear up for this overwhelming campaign.

I couldn’t get the Sales Director to respond to my calls and finally go thoroughly hostile when one of the ‘Campaign Managers’ finally contacted me. I told them I wasn’t paying the remaining fee as their service was pathetic and their demographics amateur and irrelevant. They threatened to take me to court.

They then sent out the first 50,000 emails. Well 2203 opened the mails and I got a whopping 69 responses. This is when I went truly ballistic. I told them that if somebody “signs” up for emails they generally open them and that if 4.6% open them then it’s because they’re being spammed. I also targeted LSM 8+ and not be utterly ignorant, I’m fairly sure a lovely lady in a very (VERY!!!) rural town in the bundu of the Transkei cannot qualify. I then had a conversation with the Campaign Manager who was getting seriously aggravated with me and I told her to escalate my problem to somebody senior. She said she would and emailed this assurance to me. Well that was Tuesday last week.

I have now sent a truly snotty email informing them that I have contacted the Direct Marketing Association and will report them to the DTI. They’ll pick up this gem tomorrow.

This campaign has cost me a small fortune and the response has been pathetic beyond words. Their website states that they guarantee results and I’m going to hold them to this.

At Interface we aim to push the boundaries of conventional online and now mobile business and one of the first marketing companies in S.A. by offering our advertisers GUARANTEES. We have tailored some great cost effective packages that will bring guaranteed traffic to our advertisers websites. We are able to make these guarantees due to the relationship we have established with the likes of Google, Yahoo and MSN as well as Webmail ” South Africa’s leading FREE email service”.

Secondly, they state in their privacy statement that they do not sell their clients details and that they will communicate with the advertiser. This is false. All the people who responded to my mail have had their details displayed for my spamming pleasure. Email and phone number. They have lied to their clients and this has to be a breach of contract.
Junk Mail

We know that junk mail is invasive and annoying. We strive to protect you from Spam in the following ways:

  • We will never sell your address
  • We will constantly monitor and protect your inbox from unwanted mail.
  • Should advertisers wish to communicate directly, we will do so on their behalf once we are certain that your interest profile matches the deal and that it offers true value.

To protect yourself, we suggest that you give out your address with care, particularly to other websites

This company is unethical and borders on fraudulent and I refuse to leave it. I want my money back and I want some sort of investigation.

Hello? We are able to make these guarantees due to the relationship we have established with the likes of Google, Yahoo and MSN. This sentence right here is a huge red flag – total and utter rubbish.


Check out the stats from the first half of the campaign (50 000 emails) – I love how their “rate” percentage is based on the clicks sent from the amount of emails that were opened, instead of quoting the “rate” as a percentage of the total amount of emails sent. If they quoted it properly you would have an open rate of 5.1% and an actual click through rate of 0.8%. Pure spammy goodness.

In these times, with small businesses really struggling, they will fall for scams like this that “guarantee” results and I’m hoping that some of you that are reading this, stay far, far away from Webmail, Interface I.T. and all their associated companies.

The Facebook fan box

Remember how just the other day I told you that Facebook groups are a waste of time and that you should rather start a fan page? Well today Facebook released the Facebook fan box which you can add to your own website that will allow people to join your Facebook fan page, see other members on the page as well as wall updates.

Check out Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong website as an example of it.

lance armstrong facebook fan box


Check out our football video show

Just a quick heads up that Mike (from World Wide Creative) and I shot the pilot episode of our unnamed football video show!

Check it out below and please let me know what you think. (For all my RSS and Email subscribers, click through to my blog to watch the video below)

BTW, we also made it to the featured video of the homepage – so we must be doing something right!

I need some credit card advice

I dig credit cards. It’s the only way I get to screw the banks over on a daily basis. Use their money every day and only pay it back to them after 55 days all the while my money sits earning interest. :)

I currently have an ABSA credit card and Virgin Money credit card. I use the ABSA card almost daily with the Virgin Money card only being used for its decent interest rate it offers on positive balances. I do find though that buying big ticket items with the Virgin card don’t seem to run smoothly. There is always telephonic verifications in store and online it’s a total fail.

The ABSA card on the other hand, I believe for the amount of money I spend on it on a monthly basis, I should be earning some sort of rewards. They recently changed rewards programs, which meant all my “points” accumulated over the last few years have been lost and I now have to start all over again – oh, and sign up to a R20 a month membership to belong to it. So instead of switching rewards programs, I’m switching cards.

I need some help. I’m looking for a card that doesn’t have that large a annual / monthly fee that also has a rewards program (that is actually useful!) attached to it. Another thing is a low international transaction fee as well as internet / mobile banking.

Any suggestions?