My Newly Found Passion: iPhone Games

Like you might already know by now, I particularly fancy my Macbook Pro, my iPad and my iPhone 4S. I am also crazy about fine tasting food that doesn’t involve Brussels sprouts, old wine and my dear friends. Speaking of friends, I attended a very special soiree at one of my best buddies’ house last month. I always knew he had a passion for casino gambling, passion which I could never quite get. But let me get right into the story.


How I Discovered Mobile Games – For Real


So there we were, after a delish meal his wife prepared for us, enjoying our fine cigars and sipping some old whiskey in a jar, as the song goes, when my phone rang. It was one of my clients. My friend, the host, immediately jumped out of his chair, “yelling” at me to drop the phone and leave work for one night. I explained to him that as much of a treasure my iPhone might be, it is also a pain in the rear in the worst times. Then our good buddy Tony jumped into the story. He started bragging about the money he was making online and about the new watch he just bought with the money we won playing poker. We all started laughing as we knew Tony was always getting involved into all sorts of crazy businesses. But once we saw the really expensive brand watch at its wrist, we knew Tony wasn’t kidding. So we poured another glass of the powerful drink and gathered around our buddy to listen to his tale.


“”I’ve discovered the path to success…


He told us he discovered the path to success and that he was planning on quitting his job. He was a realtor, so at first we though he was just tired of his job and he wanted to try something new. But when we heard the passion in his voice telling us about the pleasure and feeling of content playing each poker hand gives him, we knew Tony was hooked. And not in a bad way. I have personally only used my iPhone to play some Candy Crush Saga and some maze games every now and then. The nature of my job doesn’t allow me to spend a great deal of time… playing online. But this is a different kind of play – adult play, with real money, in genuine online casinos hosted by huge brands and often times with mind-blowing. So of course I couldn’t resist and I asked Tony for some inspiring places to visit online. I specifically wanted to check out a mobile casino, as I am on the go a lot, but I do have my spare time to spend. He sent me here, to ClassyCasinos, telling me I should be able to find the top brands of the moment, the most promising casinos of the year 2014, plus the best mobile-compatible casinos out there. He recommend me to test the no deposit casinos first and get a hang of the games. So I went home and I did. I am hooked ever since – and not in a bad way. Cheers, Tony!


Mugg & Bean, grow some balls and donate money to breast cancer rather than just “supporting” it!

Creating awareness for a cause, charity or disease is one thing, but to physically donate your time or money is another. I can’t stand it when people try to raise awareness online for causes which pretty much everybody knows about or already supports instead of getting people to donate money which will have a far greater impact!

One example before I tackle our beloved Mugg & Bean, is rhino poaching. Friends of mine were making a big noise on Facebook and telling people to wear black on the 1st of September to raise awareness against rhino poaching. What the hell is the point? Have you met a rhino poacher before? No. Do you all agree we shouldn’t poach an endangered species like rhinos? No. Then stop the awareness only nonsense, find out how to help and go and do that! In this case, donate money to WWF’s Rhino Conservation fund which directly aids in fighting poachers. Make a noise about that, before doing your own little “copy and share this status if you agree rhino poaching is wrong

Breast Cancer and my gripe with Mugg & Bean

Mugg & Bean, one of my favourite breakfast joints for that matter, is creating awareness for breast cancer by creating the cherry whizz milkshake.

On the back of that flyer, it says “In Support of Breast Cancer – SMS M&B to 38584 to donate R10 to the Breast Health Foundation and Bossom Buddies Support Group”.

How nice of them. (You do know that pretty much 50% of that R10 goes to the network operator, Vodacom, MTN, Cell C etc.)

So here is where I have a big problem with Mugg & Bean. Breast cancer is probably one of the most high profile diseases affecting women today. It’s so big, that an entire month is dedicated to breast cancer awareness! Mugg & Bean have instead doing something about breast cancer by donating money to worthy causes, they have pretty much done a “me 2” in support of breast cancer awareness.

I was just about to buy that milkshake when I realised they weren’t helping breast cancer at all. They literally profiting off everyone who does support breast cancer! One thing I cannot understand is why they can’t donate R2 of every milkshake to those charities they mention? Hell, they could of increased the price of the milkshake and donated the difference if they are so hard up on donating any of their own profits. I for one would of bought the more expensive milkshake. I’d probably take a guess that the charities would receive more R2 milkshake donations than people sending an SMS to donate R10!

People are lazy. I would buy that milkshake 10 times over if it was donating R2 to breast cancer. Send an SMS? Forget about it.

So Mugg & Bean, and everyone for that matter that tries to raise awareness, next time, put your money where your mouth is first before making a noise about nothing.

(I have confirmed with Mugg & Bean’s Marketing Executive that they are in fact not donating any money to breast cancer charities, but have created the milkshake to draw awareness to this worthy cause)

So I won Masterchef at the Table Bay Hotel

The view from the Table Bay Hotel's Presidential Suite, the morning after.

Had an amazing experience at the Table Bay Hotel a few weeks back when Karina and I were invited to their #ChefTableBay event. I had no idea we were going to be doing a proper Masterchef competition to determine the winner and with our non-existant cooking skills, we were a really really LONG shot of winning, especially with real food and wine bloggers attending!

Watch the video below from the event – I feel like a proper rockstar watching it!

Here is a quick video walkthrough I made of the Presidential Suite at the Table Bay Hotel. So you can guess who won… :)

Thank you Steve

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

I guess its a tribute to Steve that I’m currently writing this blog post on a device he created and using a mouse he designed.

For a person who I never met, he has made the biggest impact on my business life. I strive to build websites that are as perfect as and design & code those websites only on products he created. I’ve changed the way I consume media by using an iPad and by watching movies on my Apple TV. I also started running because my iPod could track how far and fast I ran when synced with my Nike+ shoes.

A sidenote, take a look at all the patents that lists Steve Jobs as one of the inventors.

The world is definitely going to suck just a little more now that you are gone.

Rest In Peace Steve.

Win dinner for 2 at the Table Bay Hotel worth R1000! #chefstablebay

Update: The winner of the competition is Monique Theron!

The Table Bay Hotel is one of Cape Town’s top 5 star hotels, situated at the V&A Waterfront.
Not only is it an exquisite hotel, it also boasts one of the best restaurants in Cape Town, the Atlantic Grill, which is where 1 lucky person can win a dinner for 2!
If you not in Cape Town, you can also win! Read further down…

The Table Bay Hotel

How do I enter?

All you have to do is tweet about the Chef’s Table Bay event that is happening on the 24th of September, include the hashtag #chefstablebay and my Twitter username @JBagley. A simple retweet will do it too!

RT @JBagley A personal chauffeur, cocktails and a cooking show. #chefstablebay sounds amazing! Click the link to enter.

Other examples:

Some basic rules

  • The more tweets, the more entries you have to win!
  • On Monday 26th of September, I’ll draw a winner from all the tweets received and contact you via Twitter.
  • Prize is valid until the 31st of December 2011.
  • If you are not in Cape Town, pick any Sun International destination country wide and you can have your romantic dinner there!

The Atlantic Grill

So what is the Chefs Table Bay all about?

A few bloggers have been selected to enjoy a day at the Table Bay Hotel. We will be driven to the event by chauffeur, treated to cocktails, enjoy our own cooking show and dine at the Atlantic Grill restaurant!

This competition is to help me win the prize at the Chefs Table Bay event and you’ll get to win dinner for 2! Even if I don’t win, I’ll still give away this prize. I’m just betting on enough people entering my competition to hopefully guarantee me winning a prize too!

Good luck to both of us!