Stormhoek wine available in Checkers

Stormhoek wineI’m a huge fan of Stormhoek wine – especially the way they market their wine and the whole Web 2.0 angle they add to it (Who would’ve thought a wine would embrace the web as much as they do!). The only problem is trying to find a bottle of it!

Anyway, you now will be able to get your favourite Stormhoek wine at Checkers. ;-) I did find their rose at Pick ‘n Pay a while back, but I’m not much of a fan of rose, so never bought a bottle.

As you can see, I still have the first bottle of the Pre-Release Sauvignon Blanc 2007 – courtesy of CherryPicka.

Oh, the 1st 20 bloggers to blog about it, also get a bottle – hence the reason for this post! ;-)

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