Holiday blogging

I’m going on holiday to London, Paris and Dubai from the 21st to 30th of October. I’m going to try and blog (more photos than words actually) while I’m away, especially now that I’ve got a fancy DSLR camera to take cool pics with. :)

These are some of the highlights my wife and I are looking forward to:

  • Flying from Dubai to London in the massive Airbus A380
  • Climbing the Eiffel tower
  • Watching Chelsea take on Blackburn Rovers at Stamford Bridge – our seats are 5 rows from the pitch
  • Stamford Bridge Stadium tour
  • Stopping at the Burj Dubai to take pics (tallest building in the world)
  • Possibly having drinks at the Skybar at the Burj al Arab (7 star hotel)

I’ll be taking tons of pics and posting a few of them here on my blog as well as to my Flickr account. Any pics I take with my iPhone I’ll upload those to my Posterous blog at

Just an apology in advance – expect all my tweets, blog posts and pics over the next few days to be from my holiday, but I promise to tone down on the exclamation marks. So no “I’m in Paris!!!!!!!” tweets, I promise.

Chelsea and my Champions League Final heartbreak

I am totally gutted after last nights Champions League Final. I’m heartbroken and really struggling to even muster a smile today thats how painful that loss is.

The game was a great showpiece of how the English Premier League has improved over the past 2 seasons and is by far the best league in Europe at the moment. Did Manchester deserve to win? Probably, but if Chelsea had taken it, I think we could easily have said the exact same thing. For any cup final to be won or lost on the luck of penalties is really awful. Especially if you consider the one player that by far wanted to win that game more than any one else – John Terry.

John Terry in tears

What was even worse is that my Fiance, who is a huge football and John Terry fan, plane flight from Namibia was delayed by 2 hours and she missed the entire game. She landed just as the penalties started and I gave her running commentary – she is just as heartbroken.

There were moments of controversy, moments of glory and moments of tears, but all in all, it was a fantastic display of football, for Chelsea supporters, Man U supporters and even the neutrals.

The boys did us proud out there. Terry, Lampard, Ballack, Makelele, Essien, Joe and Ashley Cole get special mention for their big effort I felt they put in last night. They gave everything for the cause but the footballing gods just weren’t on our side last night.

Me? I’ll get over the loss (eventually). I won’t forget the pain and the way we lost the game, but I will be here next season shouting Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea!

Keep the blue flag flying high!

Sexy Chelsea fan