Social Media Conflict

After reading this post on Mashable about how to deal with Social Media conflict, I thought I’d share some of my experiences of with the launch of the Incredible Connection blog.

1: Don’t take it personally

The first thing I’ve definitely learnt is not to take any of it personally. Sure, people often are responding directly to something you blogged about or tweeted, but its more about the subject matter they are upset about or responding negatively about. People have called me some pretty nasty things since launching the blog, but I know that if they ever had to meet me or enter into a civil discussion about the issues, their opinion about me personally would change.

2: Think before responding

Take the time to assess what the person is commenting, blogging or tweeting about before replying. Sometimes a knee-jerk reaction to a situation only adds more fuel to the fire. More often than not you will find people responding on your behalf or trying to explain the situation before you need to step in, so hold back a while if the situation allows for it.

3: Stay positive

When you do respond, always thank the person for taking the time to respond. Once thanked, it becomes easier to formulate a response that is appropriate to the situation. The Mashable article talks about finding something to agree with and this is also a great way to find middle ground with the commenter. I’ve found that in these situations, staying positive and responding directly via email to a person goes a long way than just shutting down any false or negative comments.

A very busy couple of weeks

This year has gotten off to a real flyer, what with a redesign of my blog, Beanbag Media’s first client – the Incredible Connection blog and all the fiasco!

From all of this I’ve learnt a number of valuable lessons too, not so much from mistakes, but just generally from a business and personal perspective.

Incredible Connection blog

incredible-blog-logoThe launch of the blog went really well. I gave it a slight push online via my twitter account and the MyBroadband forums and that pretty much got the ball rolling. Running a competition for a digital camera helped too. :) The blog is definitely a long term strategy for IC, as they do need to bridge the gap between themselves and Generation Y. It’s still early days, but with their Macbook prices being the cheapest in SA during February and now their gaming clearance sale which is once again rocking any prices online, there definitely is a good reason why you should be following the blog. blog

cokefest-logoI’m not too sure how much I should say about the whole thing just yet, but all I will say is I have moved the blog off the offending domain, removed all their logos and trademarks and relaunched it at I haven’t had much time to dedicate to updating the content and blogging at the new site, but hopefully that will change next week. I also want to add a couple more features to the blog to allow for a more community vibe to the site. Niche social network? Maybe… ;)

I was pretty stoked the amount of publicity the whole closing down issue got. Tons of tweets, blog posts and even airtime on was something I never expected.

Beanbag Media

Beanbag Media is my new company that soft launched only a few weeks ago. Branding, stationary and the website are in the process of being designed, so hopefully I’ll be able to show you guys soon. Who knows exactly where I want to take Beanbag Media, but what I do know is its mine and it will take a couple of months to a year to build a solid foundation for it. Taking over the world didn’t happen in a day you know!

A brand new day

I’ve said this before – the only constant thing in life is change, so change has and is continuing to happen! From a personal side of things, this blog has undergone a makeover. The reason for the change is to market my “online brand” better. Geez, us bloggers think a lot of ourselves… online brand! Haha! But you get the point. :)

Screenshot of Jason Bagley's new blog design

Then, another thing – The Incredible Connection blog. That’s Beanbag Media’s first client. More on both these things later. :)