Theres a first for everything

Every single day, people do things for the very first time. You also learn new things everyday, and that’s what makes life so awesome. And my blog is no different. Things happen to your blog/website almost every day for the very first time. Heres a couple of things that have happened to my blog for the very first time…

.. make cents from life
Making that first couple of cents from Google is really awesome. I havent broken any records for adsense yet, but a couple of clicks here and there have kept me motivated. But seeing that first click was awesome.

Receiving your first referal sign-up is awesome. Dreamhost offer referral rewards for people signing up. So I wrote a post about it, and have almost paid for 2 years worth of hosting with them! Seeing that first referral sign-up was awesome.

Starting a blog isn’t as easy as it looks. Writing for your blog is even more difficult. I’m slowly but surely getting over that, but starting a conversation on your blog is what we all try to achieve. Having a complete stranger comment on your blog for the first time is really awesome. It makes it all worth it.

Website traffic
Receiving some “almost” premium linkage, is also really awesome. Kottke wrote a post on the cities he has visited and gave Hanna some premium linkage by following her example. So I wrote a comment on Hanna’s blog telling her I had also written a post on the cities I had visited. So thanks to Kottke and Hanna, my first traffic spike, and some “almost” premium linkage from Kottke doubled all my traffic stats! Now that was awesome.

So these are some of the highlights and firsts that have happened here over the last couple of months. What about yourself?

3 thoughts on “Theres a first for everything”

  1. Hi, just dropped by and was fascinated by your design, lovely!

    I do agree with, i’m pretty much a starter aswell, 6 months in this and making a little bit more than a couple of cents ;)

    Good luck with your blogging,

  2. So true!
    the first click or the first referal is always the best.
    I remember when I got my first referal. It made my day :D

    Nice site btw.. oh and I’m sorry I just clicked your adsense ads by mistake. Silly me.. hehe

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