Wordcamp SA 2008 has come and gone

Wordcamp was by far the best event I attended this year. The speakers list was phenomenal, as was the turnout – over 100 bloggers, geeks and journalists attended Wordcamp that was held at The Wild Fig in Cape Town.

The biggest highlight for most of us was Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, coming out to South Africa to speak and mingle with us bloggers. As part of Younique, we somehow managed to organise a pretty smooth running event, and over the past few days I have had the privilege to spend some really quality time with Matt. He really is the most humble and down to earth online personality I have met.

Sunday, a couple of us headed off to the Stormhoek farm where Graham Knox braaied us some awesome steaks and veggies, not to mention the number of different bottles of wine he whipped out for us to try. It’s these type of relaxed, chilled environments out in mountains, where you can really get to know people. Matt shared with us a number of really interesting stories, upcoming projects and personal things, that I’ll never blog about, nor tell anyone, but they just made me realise how genuine an “oke” he really is. (Matt thought it was strange how we called everyone “okes” here in SA. Hehe)

Back to the event – Tyler and I learnt tons about organising Wordcamp. One thing is for sure, it’s a lot of work! There are a ton of things we will improve on for next years event, so expect an even bigger and better Wordcamp SA next year around!

I have to say a big up to Henk from Skyrove – he really made sure everyone at Wordcamp was sorted with Wifi – even bringing in a 2nd hotspot after we managed to bring down the 1st one!

Secondly to Matt and Warwick for coming out from the US to attend and speak at Wordcamp – I learnt a great deal from your talks. Not only was it great to hear you talk, but to also spend time with you guys after Wordcamp.

Check out my Wordcamp SA wrap up video on Zoopy that I created just after Wordcamp. See you all next year!

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