If you had R1 million land on your lap

What would you do if someone anonymous donor gave you R1 million to do with as you please? Would you quit your job, buy stuff, invest it? Would you retire at 25?

I’ll tell you what I’d do. I’d take 6 months (ok, maybe 3 months) off and travel the world to experience as much as I possibly can in that time. I’d then come back to exactly where I live and carry on as if I haven’t been away for 1 day. Obviously the money left over will help whatever ideas I want to pursue, but the point of my post is I wouldn’t drastically change where I am and what I’m currently doing. I’m having that much fun.


25 thoughts on “If you had R1 million land on your lap”

  1. 1bar is not enough to retire, noggal at 25? noway.

    Half would pay of my house, probably spend 100k on some renovations, travel a bit, buy some tech junk, use about 200k to setup a little community empowerment project.

  2. Debt-free is the way forward: it enables you to do things – take risks, tackle new businesses, etc without the worry of having to each and every month pay off the bond, car loans, all the shackles..

    But yeah: a bar won’t go far towards retirement, and the travel idea is a good way to spend it.

  3. Ok, how about something a little more crazy? Pop down to Grand West and bet the R1 mill on red. or black. no wait, red.

    Or how is this for an idea – give away R500k in a blog post where all you have to do is comment, or worse, one of those retweet contests! What you guys think?

  4. Maybe it is just the business person in me, but maybe just maybe you could use the R1 mil to gear / leverage it so you could potentially generate R7 Mil of finance and start something great that will bring in income for you to travel as much as you want whenever you want. Don’t be scared of using the banks money! They are not scared of charging you for it!

    1. Smart man Christo! I think if something like this really did have to happen, a lot of us would think long and hard about what to do with it. I threw this question out there to see if there was any wacky responses – like put it all on red at the casino!

  5. Forgive the accountant in me, but i would invest the R1bar in a fixed deposit which would earn roughly R60k per year after tax… I’d blow the interest annually on a off season holiday. R60k should give you a pretty awsome 1 month adventure if you’re not roughing it too much!

    How about some food for thought… what would you do if you entered, and won, the US MegaMillions Lottery?
    A cool $225mil, which is R1,680,000,000, yep, R1,68 billion Rand!!??
    I’ve got a few spread sheets with my dream wish list!!

  6. Have to leverage. Use R 800 000 to buy 4 properties of about R600 000. ONLY DEPOSITING R200 000 on each. Tent them out for R 6000 per month. That leaves you with R200 000 cash plus about R2500 per property per month income so R10 000 income. Now for the wammy. In 20 years you will have in today’s money R2.4 mil in property paid cash as property will increase with inflation. But your properties will now be paid and you will have now equivalent of R 24000 per month to retire on from your rentals.

    1. Hi Martin
      That’s a great idea Martin and I like it.I would do the same if I was still at my early forties but unfortunately I am getting a million rands now and I’m already 60yrs.What would you do if you were in this condition? What is your advice?

  7. hrrrrr i have R20 million and soon expecting another R20 million tf ??….i don’t even have a passport !!!!

    i don’t like investments.

  8. Hi I will get my wife and life back on tract.
    I lost all in my business / partner dealings.

    But such luck ? Doesn’t fall in you lap

  9. A fixed deposit makes sense. But i would buy a share in an offshore firm like Birkshire Hathaway (A share cost +-USD$100 000) Then i would wait for my dividend.

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  11. I grew up having my mom struggle to give us education..just basic need..i would give my kids a better education…my dream has been to be hands on on projects like giving people food and buying blankets for them..going to orphanage just to buy them a cake because every child deserves happines

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