I finally managed to read 12 books in a year!

I’m super stoked with how many books I managed to read in 2016. I’ve always tracked my book reading in Good Reads and each year, I’ve set a goal to read 12 books a year, but never really got close. This year, I nailed it!

2016: 12 books!

2015: 6 books
2014: 7 books
2013: 9 books
2012: 7 books
2011: 7 books

The one thing I’ve worked out that separates really successful people from the rest is how many books they read. Not waking up before everyone else, not batch scheduling their emails, not meditating and certainly not drinking green tea infused with panda tears. It’s reading lots and lots of books.

I’m sure you’re going to ask, so here we go.

My 3 favourite books I read in 2016

  • *Drum roll please….* Ladies and gentlemen, Jason Bagley has voted. The results have been verified by our auditors, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson and Johnson and in 3rd place…

legacide3. Legacide – Richard Mulholland

I am in no way biased. (the results were verified by JJJ&J, pinky swear). Rich’s book, Legacide, is like one long lunch with him. It is one of the few books I’ve ever written notes in. (He does tell you to, so I guess that helped!) There are plenty of great business stories in Legacide, with each one making you think. If you’re interested in business, entrepreneurship or just want to be entertained, give this bad boy a read.

Right now, this book is like hens teeth – forever sold out! Rich has mentioned it’s been picked up by a publisher, so 2017 might just be the year you’ll be able to buy one. Sign up at legacide.com to be notified when it does go on sale.

the-one-thing2. The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results – Gary Keller

I devoured this book on my Kindle in 3 days and then went and bought 2 hard copies. One for me, so I could read it again at the beginning of January and make a bunch of notes and another copy for Adrian, my business partner to read over the holidays too. I’m so pumped for 2017 because of this book, I sound like the love child of Tony Robbins and Gary Vee!

It’s one of the very few business books I’ve read that has concrete todos for you to follow. It’s business orientated, but has things you can do to improve your personal life too. Pumped for 2017 I tell you, pumped!

born-a-crime1. Born a Crime – Trevor Noah

If you’re South African, this is an absolute must read. If you’re a kid that never lived through or experienced apartheid it’s even more important that you read Trevor’s book.

Not only does Trevor take you through his childhood, growing up with a black Xhosa mother and a white Swiss father in a time when this was illegal, but each chapter has a small history lesson at the end. I’ve learnt more about apartheid, South African languages and cultures from this book, than my entire high school history class. (On a side note, who the hell needs to know about Shaka Zulu and his war tactics – which is what I was taught in history class, when what we should be learning about is how and why Soweto was built and the fact it was designed with 1 main road in and out which meant our Apartheid government could easily trap all the blacks in when needed!)

It had me properly laughing out loud at Trevor’s childhood stories and jokes and then becoming had me become angry and upset at how our white apartheid government treated people based on their skin colour.

It doesn’t cover any of Trevor’s rise to success, which makes this book even more special. It’s a history lesson that every South African should read.

I’m super chuffed to have read 12 books this year! This is definitely my four-minute mile. I’ve finally done it after years of trying and now that I’ve hit that milestone, I can see how easy it will be to achieve it again.

Here’s to reading 18 books in 2017!


Time. The most important lesson I learnt from being a dad.

When my wife and I started trying to have a baby, we were really scared. We had a million questions for each other. What were we getting ourselves into? Is this really the right time? What do we buy first? Is our home big enough? How much are school fees? How do you bath a baby? The questions never stopped.

Now that our daughter is 1, the most important thing I’ve realised is every milestone takes time. Time that helps you prepare and adjust for what lies ahead.

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2013 English Premier League kits

Excitement for the next English Premier League football season starts when teams release their new kits. There are always new kits that upset fans and this year is no different. So far, it seems controversy surrounds the new Liverpool kit because of the change in their badge on the shirt and some Manchester United supporters not being too happy with the patch work design of their new kit. Take a look at the kits from Chelsea, Liverpool, Man United, Arsenal and Newcastle.

Chelsea 2012/2013 kit

Nothing ground breaking here with the new Chelsea kit, but I really love the gold and simplicity of the design. I wasn’t that impressed by the 2011/2012 kit, but I’m definitely buying one of these shirts.

The new 2012/2013 Chelsea kit. Love the gold.

Arsenal 2012/2013 kit

Similar to the 2011/2012 kit with a change in the sleeve design.

Note RVP in the new kit. Will he still be at Arsenal come the start of the new season?

Manchester United 2012/2013 kit

A patchwork design for their new kit, which some love and others hate. It will grow on all fans eventually. Once you win a few games in a kit, it sticks.

Man United badge 2013

Liverpool 2012/2013 kit

Liverpool only change their kit every 2 seasons, so this is the 2012/2013/2014 kit. Adidas makes way for American kit manufacturer Warrior. The other change to their kit is in the badge.

Liverpool kit 2013 Warrior

liverpool kit closeup 2013

Newcastle 2012/2013 away kit

Newcastle Away Kit 2013

Bonus video!

Check out the 2012/2013 Arsenal kit launch video. These players have some insane football and table tennis skills!