I spotted a real UFO!

I might sound like a weirdo, but my Dad took a photo of an UFO! A week ago, my Dad was taking photos of the farm he stays on. He asked me to take a couple of the photos and join them so as to make it look like a panoramic shot so that he could print and frame it. I went ahead and started joining the photos in fireworks, and when I zoomed into one of the photos, I saw something in the sky, that looked out of place. It doesn’t look like a bird, or a plane for that matter. I don’t go around looking for UFOs, and I don’t believe in life outside of earth either, but this is really strange…

A UFO isn’t always an alien or a spaceship, it is an Unidentified Flying Object, and this really is one! Here is the photo that my Dad took. (I’ve made it smaller to fit.)


Have a look in the sky. You see that silver dot? Ok, so it doesn’t look like much when you look at this photo, but download the original photo (2.39mb), which was taken with a 4 mega-pixel Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20EB camera. The original size of the image is 2560×1920. Here is the UFO cropped from the original.


I can’t make out remotely what it is, so I’d have to put it down as a UFO. The photo was taken outside of Barrydale, in the little Karoo, so it’s literally in the middle of nowhere. Not sure about this fact, but aren’t most UFO sightings, normally spotted in remote areas? Well, the Karoo is as remote a place you going to find.

Anyway, take it like you want, and don’t be jealous folks, because I spotted a UFO! :-)

15 thoughts on “I spotted a real UFO!”

  1. “Not sure about this fact, but aren’t most UFO sightings, normally spotted in remote areas?”

    Somehow I thought UFOs only get sighted in America. Barrydale better watch out, all those Area 51 weirdo’s will be heading there soon. ;-)

  2. Howzit J-man, I have to admit, most folks don’t really appreciate the full meaning of the acronym UFO…Unidentified Flying Object.
    When we hear anything remotely associated with the letters UFO, there’s a moggy distorted, often twisted, dimwitted view of Shrek coloured little stick men with big squinty eyes and nasty little pitchforks arriving at your bedroom door in the middle of the night, bent on taking you away for some “earthling experiments”…when in truth, all that has been seen is something that is unidentified!! Wow…..(you can even say that backwards!) Wow…A UFO then could be the Caltex balloon flying high above your local petrol station to the untrained eye. Congrat’s on the pic. bro, i’ll try and track down the organisers of the frisbee throwing competition in Barrydale and give them a piece of my mind for distorting the J-man’s perfect panorama pic. ha ha ha Later J, have a good one….Nige

  3. ok congratulations….. and yeah ive also seen a UFO. in the 90’s right here five minutes from the centre of Durban. So not only spotted in remote areas…. I got in touch with Mrs. Cynthia Hinds of MUFON who was coincidentally down here for a seminar at the time…. she followed up all the other peoples sitings of the same thing and agreed that it was a UFO… (her job was to scientifically prove that it could have been weather produced or somesuch…) Anyway tis like being part of some elite club dont u think?
    Mrs. Hinds said at the time that in her years of research she had found it likely that if a person saw ONE UFO, there was a greater chance that they would see another at some point. Weird….


  4. Wow! do you know how to use all that technical stuff on computers, like adding one picture to another? sorry to disapoint u mate, but i think its fake.

  5. Well I’d also think it was a fake if I wasn’t the one that took the photo. ;-)

    If you read the post, my dad took the photo and the only thing he knows about computers is how to turn it on! So as for it being a UFO, it most certainly is one, unless you can see exactly what it is!

  6. Not sure what it is it looks quite real but then it could be something else,not really sure what else though…..

  7. I regularly travelled through the Karoo from Stellenbosch to Oudtshoorn. I have seen 2 UFO’s in the Barrydale region during the day. There is no explanation for what I saw. I do not neccesarily conform to the UFO theory … but what I saw cannot be talked away.
    I could tell you more if you want to know. Regards

  8. Never seen one myself, but I have had people who worked for me who have. One was on his way back to Natal going through the Transkei, when he and his brother saw what they said looked like a train with its lights on traveling across the sky. They pulled up and there were three other cars pulled up at the same spot watching it traverse across the sky towards Durban. The other one was seen stationary at a Jo’burg goldmine taking up an area about a football pitch in size. There were only my friend and his black assistant who witnessed it, but the black man took to his heels and never returned to night shift work again.

  9. Hi. I am currently doing a school project on UFOs and I have seen a lot of pictures of them. That really does look like a UFO to me. Don’t feel like a weirdo because I believe In UFOs just as much as you do. Don’t let people tease you about what you believe is real and don’t ever stop believing Bro.

  10. wow. this is some crazy photo. i cannot say i havent seen a ufo becuase i have, i dont know if it is real but i know that nobody can explain to me on what i saw. so just keep believing in what u saw dude.

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