How to setup an iTunes account from South Africa

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Follow this simple guide to setting up an US iTunes account so you can buy apps, music and movies from iTunes in South Africa!

Step 1: Open iTunes and go to the US iTunes store.

Setting up an US iTunes account

Step 2: Download a FREE app from the US iTunes store.

Click on the App store link, find the free apps in the right sidebar and click on Free.

Setup US iTunes account in South AfricaStep 3: Create a new iTunes account.

Setup US iTunes account from South AfricaStep 4: Accept the terms & conditions and fill in all the details.

The most important step here is to select None as the payment method when asked to provide billing details. When filling in your billing address, you will need a valid US address. The easiest way to find a valid address is to search for a Mcdonalds, KFC, Walmart, Holiday Inn or any US business using Google maps and then use the address, zip code and state to enter as your address.

Setup US iTunes account from South Africa

Step 5: Wait for confirmation email and click the link to finish the setup of your US iTunes account!

Step 6: Buy apps, music and movies by purchasing iTunes gift cards.

Use the following websites to buy US iTunes gift cards to load into your new account.

To redeeem a gift card code, click on Redeem from the Quick Links block on the right sidebar in the iTunes store.

redeem a US iTunes gift card from South Africa

If you have any questions, please send me a message and I’ll try my best to help!

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