Time. The most important lesson I learnt from being a dad.

When my wife and I started trying to have a baby, we were really scared. We had a million questions for each other. What were we getting ourselves into? Is this really the right time? What do we buy first? Is our home big enough? How much are school fees? How do you bath a baby? The questions never stopped.

Now that our daughter is 1, the most important thing I’ve realised is every milestone takes time. Time that helps you prepare and adjust for what lies ahead.

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2013 English Premier League kits

Excitement for the next English Premier League football season starts when teams release their new kits. There are always new kits that upset fans and this year is no different. So far, it seems controversy surrounds the new Liverpool kit because of the change in their badge on the shirt and some Manchester United supporters not being too happy with the patch work design of their new kit. Take a look at the kits from Chelsea, Liverpool, Man United, Arsenal and Newcastle.

Chelsea 2012/2013 kit

Nothing ground breaking here with the new Chelsea kit, but I really love the gold and simplicity of the design. I wasn’t that impressed by the 2011/2012 kit, but I’m definitely buying one of these shirts.

The new 2012/2013 Chelsea kit. Love the gold.

Arsenal 2012/2013 kit

Similar to the 2011/2012 kit with a change in the sleeve design.

Note RVP in the new kit. Will he still be at Arsenal come the start of the new season?

Manchester United 2012/2013 kit

A patchwork design for their new kit, which some love and others hate. It will grow on all fans eventually. Once you win a few games in a kit, it sticks.

Man United badge 2013

Liverpool 2012/2013 kit

Liverpool only change their kit every 2 seasons, so this is the 2012/2013/2014 kit. Adidas makes way for American kit manufacturer Warrior. The other change to their kit is in the badge.

Liverpool kit 2013 Warrior

liverpool kit closeup 2013

Newcastle 2012/2013 away kit

Newcastle Away Kit 2013

Bonus video!

Check out the 2012/2013 Arsenal kit launch video. These players have some insane football and table tennis skills!

How to make an amazing Nespresso iced coffee at home

I’ve been trying to make a decent iced coffee at home with my Nespresso machine, but everytime I’ve tried, it just doesn’t have the right sweetness or coffee flavour that you find in coffee shops. So after some experimenting and asking a few coffee shops how they do it, I’ve managed to perfect a home-made Nespresso iced coffee.

You’ll need the following:

  • 2 x Nespresso pods
  • dash of milk
  • vanilla syrup
  • ice blocks
  • blender

Add to your blender, a double espresso and a dash of milk. The key here is don’t skimp on the double espresso by making a single lungo. There is a reason why iced coffees cost well over R20 in coffee shops. They are all using double espressos!

Add around 20 – 25 ice blocks, 2 or 3 tablespoons of the vanilla syrup and BLEND!

Pour into a glass, grab 2 straws and enjoy.

Just to recap

The key to the iced coffee is the double espresso and using syrup, not sugar, to sweeten. You can easily make sugar syrup at home if you can’t find any at your local supermarket. Here is a simple sugar syrup recipe and you can store the excess sugar syrup in your fridge for tomorrow’s Nespresso iced coffee.


So I won Masterchef at the Table Bay Hotel

The view from the Table Bay Hotel's Presidential Suite, the morning after.

Had an amazing experience at the Table Bay Hotel a few weeks back when Karina and I were invited to their #ChefTableBay event. I had no idea we were going to be doing a proper Masterchef competition to determine the winner and with our non-existant cooking skills, we were a really really LONG shot of winning, especially with real food and wine bloggers attending!

Watch the video below from the event – I feel like a proper rockstar watching it!

Here is a quick video walkthrough I made of the Presidential Suite at the Table Bay Hotel. So you can guess who won… :)

Using the Apple TV in South Africa

The Apple TV is a great little device. It has a number of features I use weekly and has definitely changed the way I consume media in my house. No longer do I have to watch movies or series on my Macbook’s small screen or use messy cables to get my Macbook hooked up to my 42″ LCD TV to get the full experience.

*Update!* You can now purchase an Apple TV from Wildtwig in South Africa!

The Apple TV connects wirelessly to my home network and hooks up to my TV using a single HDMi cable. Once it’s hooked up to my home network this is where I get the most benefit from it. Using Airplay, whatever photos, movies, Youtube videos or music I would usually consume on my iPhone, iPad or on my Mac, I now tap the Airplay icon and it automatically shows up on my TV! I then use my iPhone or iPad as the remote to browse through the images, stop, start the video or select another song to play.

Apple TV menu

All your content has to be kept within iTunes in order to stream it to your Apple TV. Check out HandBrake for converting movies and series to MP4 which you can then easily import into iTunes.

Another killer feature is the ability to rent movies and series from the iTunes stores. You will need an US iTunes account to be able to rent movies and series. Movies cost $3.99 to rent (series episodes are $0.99) and you can keep a movie for 30 days. Once you click play though, you have 24 hours to complete watching it. In terms of speed, I have a 4MB ADSL line at home and most of the time I click download and can start watching a movie literally within a minute. Apple TV does check your line speed and only allows you to start watching when it knows you’ll be able to finish watching the movie without any buffering.

iTunes also has a massive amount of online radio stations which you can listen to via your Apple TV. Much better than DStv’s audio bouquet.

The biggest problem though is purchasing an Apple TV in South Africa. They are not officially available here and I highly doubt they ever will be. There are a few online stores that do import them. Check stock availability with the online shop before purchasing though.

You can buy the 2nd generation or 3rd generation Apple TV from Wildtwig!

Other than these stores, hopefully you have a friend in the UK or US that can purchase an Apple TV and send it to you as a gift. They retail for $99 in the US or £101 in the UK.

Apple TV hacks

I haven’t tried or see the need to jailbreak my Apple TV, but here is a simple guide to jailbreaking your Apple TV. Once jailbroken, you will be able to install XMBC which then turns your Apple TV into a media player without the need to be chained to iTunes.

Everyone consumes media differently in their house and the Apple TV isn’t for everyone. I however love the fact I can easily rent movies from my couch, download pictures from my camera to my iPad and with one tap can share the photos on my TV for everyone to see and when people are talking about those funny Youtube videos they saw at work, I quickly find them on my iPhone and use Airplay to stream the videos to my TV for everyone to laugh at.

Lastly, one of my most favourite past times is watching movie trailers on the Apple TV. iTunes has a lists most of the movies that are currently in cinemas and although you can’t rent them just yet, you can watch the trailers!