I spotted a real UFO!

I might sound like a weirdo, but my Dad took a photo of an UFO! A week ago, my Dad was taking photos of the farm he stays on. He asked me to take a couple of the photos and join them so as to make it look like a panoramic shot so that he could print and frame it. I went ahead and started joining the photos in fireworks, and when I zoomed into one of the photos, I saw something in the sky, that looked out of place. It doesn’t look like a bird, or a plane for that matter. I don’t go around looking for UFOs, and I don’t believe in life outside of earth either, but this is really strange…

A UFO isn’t always an alien or a spaceship, it is an Unidentified Flying Object, and this really is one! Here is the photo that my Dad took. (I’ve made it smaller to fit.)


Have a look in the sky. You see that silver dot? Ok, so it doesn’t look like much when you look at this photo, but download the original photo (2.39mb), which was taken with a 4 mega-pixel Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20EB camera. The original size of the image is 2560×1920. Here is the UFO cropped from the original.


I can’t make out remotely what it is, so I’d have to put it down as a UFO. The photo was taken outside of Barrydale, in the little Karoo, so it’s literally in the middle of nowhere. Not sure about this fact, but aren’t most UFO sightings, normally spotted in remote areas? Well, the Karoo is as remote a place you going to find.

Anyway, take it like you want, and don’t be jealous folks, because I spotted a UFO! :-)