The “welcome post”

Its taken me way, WAY to long to get this blog finished, but it’s done! If it wasn’t for the deadline I had set for myself, this would never have been a reality. There are a couple of people I’m going to thank, mostly people I dont even know, but without their inspiration, I wouldn’t have wanted this blog enough.

This itch all started about a year ago, when I came across Mike Davidson and Shaun Inman’s blogs. Not knowing what RSS was, I would check their sites daily to see if they had written something new. My face would light up when I had something new to read and I would take in and memorise(well thats abit over the top, but still) every single word these two wrote.

Next came along Web Design Forums, where I’ve met an awesome bunch of designers, all wanting to learn and grow the web, just as much as I wanted to, and a shout out goes to Filburt1, Wired, Brak, Rosland and all the other guys that I’ve conversed with on the forums.

Then my memory gets alittle hazy when I think about where I went to from then, but Jason Santa Maria, Jeffrey Zeldman, Dave Shea, Dan Cederholm and Cameron Moll all come to mind. But the final “kick up my backside to start my blog” comes from Paul Scrivens. I started reading his blog a couple of months back, I knew that this guy has that thing that made people like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Larry and Sergey and the like, succeed. That something extra, that spark, that never say die attitude, and that personality that you swear he’s on your speed dial, even though you have never spoken to the oke. He also been unofficially named the “busiest man on the internet” and I’ve got to agree. Between 9rules, fine fools and business logs, where he finds time to sleep is beyond me.

That’s the long and short of who, why and the how of See you around.

I’m sure as you can see, there’s not much to this blog, yet. As I’ve said, it’s a work in progress. There’s definitely lots more to come, and as and when those things happen, I let you know!

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